Zhou Qi back to CBA!No position in the Phoenix team, his teammates close to him another figure to see him as blue collar

2022-08-03 0 By

Dear fans, the CBA is still in the off-season, but the third stage of the tournament is coming, as a fan still have something to look forward to.Last summer, zhou Qi, a key player in China’s national basketball team, made a shocking decision to join the Australian league after a bitter feud with Xinjiang.At first, many fans thought Zhou qi was asking for his misfortune, because the Australian league is famous for its strong fighting ability, and zhou qi was afraid of fighting, so many fans did not believe in zhou qi at first.In addition, the salary level of The Australian league is far less than that of the CBA, and Zhou Qi’s annual salary as a foreign aid is only 4 million yuan.But through the preseason and the first few games of the regular season, Zhou has been impressive, showing a high level of performance on both ends of the court and is considered one of the top linemen in the Australian league.Today, zhou qi’s Melbourne Phoenix met the Bullets again, and Zhou qi and Liu Chuanxing also met in the Derby, but the overall performance of both players was not satisfying, and even made the fans a little angry.The housekeeper regular season are 21.6 points, is averaging 10.8 points and 6.8 rebounds 2.3 blocks of data, the data is not bad, but watched the game fans know, Kevin few shots in the game right, basic on their own secondary attack score, housekeeper, of course, on the field of defense effect is obvious,Each time Zhou qi also unselessly pick and roll for teammates to rebound.In recent games, Zhou qi’s status on the team has also declined. Although he is nominally a starter, his playing time is far less than that of the backup center. Zhou Qi played only 12 minutes in the game, and sat out the entire second quarter with only seven points and two rebounds.And in the final stage of the game, Zhou Qi was again put on the bench, for such a starting center really did not receive the attention of the coach.It’s obviously not reasonable, and it’s not what the team says it is.As everybody knows, housekeeper after joining phoenix team, both in the team and the NBL league got the attention of our fans, can say with the housekeeper help enhance the Australian league awareness, most say that phoenix team management, housekeeper came to the team, after ticket sales than before with quality, value of team is also increased,So the owners are obviously getting paid to hire Zhou qi, so they also see his commercial value.As for the game itself, the team doesn’t really believe in Zhou qi’s ability, which is why it makes no sense to start him.The Phoenix has been claiming that Zhou Qi is their star, but the usage is blue-collar, no ball, more pick-and-roll, rebound such dirty work, in the court for Zhou Qi set up offensive tactics are also countable.Teammates around them have an interest in zhou, hoping to build a relationship with him and use it to gain visibility, even in the Chinese basketball association (CBA), where foreign players are paid multiple times their salaries.Now Zhou Qi is a blue-collar player, and many fans are calling for zhou qi to return to the CBA. What do you think?