This time, mondeo, a real special car, stopped production in North America and Europe and the new generation model no. 13 was launched in Korea

2022-08-03 0 By

As a relatively successful global model of Ford, Mondeo has a good reputation in North America, Europe and Asia.In addition to some pickups and SUVs, Ford mainly develops cars in Europe, such as Focus and Mondeo. Therefore, it is not a problem to call Mondeo A European car.But the “European car” was recently discontinued at its home factory, and the last one rolled off the assembly line in Valencia, Spain.This means production of Fusion in the U.S. and MONDEO in Europe has been suspended.The new mondeo, which is only available in China, is expected to go on sale on April 13.The current pre-sale price of the new mondeo is 159,800 to 219,800 yuan, which is more realistic than most other models in the same class, but after all, with the Versailles C5 X as the “king”, the Mondeo won’t be the most cost-effective one.But the new Mondeo comes with a standard 2.0-ton engine, something most of its peers don’t have.GO’s comments: Mondeo has become a feature car, perhaps north American and European consumers will also envy us.After all, the new generation of Mondeo so far seems to be more sincere.I just hope there won’t be any more low-level questions.