Langzhong why is incorporated into the culture of the Yellow River and Yangtze River waters

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Langzhong is the langing River system, which flows from the Yellow River into the Yangtze River. The CCTV editor and director has a rich imagination, meaning that Jialing River is the link between the Yellow River and the Yangtze River, and Langzhong is the link city.This new is four thousand years, four thousand years of Chinese people absorb civilization, consolidate the beauty of China, live up to 1.4 billion, always on the road, so that the backbone of the prime.Lang Zhong silk industry began in the Zhou Dynasty, tribute in the Han Dynasty, export west Asia in the Tang Dynasty.Li Yuanying, the crown prince of tang Dynasty, also wore langzhong silk and cotton clothes and contributed fine silk to his father.Langzhong is the birthplace of Spring Festival culture. Langzhong has a stable climate during the 24 solar terms. Every year, on the fourth day of the first lunar month, cherry blossoms bloom in full bloom in the spring breeze.Langzhong is also the first place in Sichuan province to reform its cultural system. Langzhong Film Distribution and screening Company and Sichuan Theater Company are the first privatized film and theater company in Sichuan.Langzhong Film Distribution and Screening Company and Sichuan Opera Troupe have been privatized, but the owner of real estate did not inherit the cultural industry. The Government has the sense of forward-looking, and opened langgate to attract investment from numerous cultural enterprises, making the garden of art and arts flourish.Langzhong people like to see beautiful langzhong films, Hong Kong films, Taiwan films and domestic blockbusters, having a stable box office.Langzhong was also the rear area of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.Langzhong is also known as “Langyuan”. Langyuan and Langzhong are recorded in the Dream of The Red Mansion and Romance of The Three Kingdoms among the four great classics, and Langzhong and Langfeng are also recorded in The Annals of The Three Kingdoms and Ci of Chu.Langzhong was the last domicile of the Royal family and the Army of the Ba Kingdom. The fleet of the Royal family of Cuba could travel thousands of miles within the city. The Fleet of Ba Kingdom was used by the Army of the Qin Dynasty.Two thousand three hundred years ago, the Chinese army could sail thousands of miles inland, proving that China’s shipbuilding technology during the Zhou Dynasty was 500 years ahead of the rest of the world.Today, China’s shipbuilding technology is also among the top three. In ancient times, The shipbuilding of Qin was aimed at promoting unification, and now it is aimed at increasing the number of friendly mutual visits of the global civil people.Langzhong is the place where li Xiannian, Qin Jiwei, Xu Shiyou, Xu Qianqian and other revolutionaries of the older generation have long lived.Chairman Li Xiannian lived in Baotai Township of Langzhong City for a year and paid several copper coins of the workers’ and peasants’ association army to the family of He Suzhen, a villager of Baotai Township, demonstrating the style of the revolutionaries at all levels of the older generation to cultivate the hearts of the people.Langzhong City is separated by ten thousand acres of land from Nanbu County and Cangxi County, and the scenery of zero pollution of one river and four rivers will be legislated so that the culture of ecological civilization will be passed on from generation to generation and the Langyuan of Shijia Garden will be passed on.Lang Zhong contemporary cultural industry prosperity like brocade, also has a flash in the pan.Its stars are brilliant, including Liu Changyou, the film distributor and exhibitors who were met by Chairman MAO, Commander-in-chief Zhu and Premier Zhou, and Zeng Jiyuan, the drama actor who was met by Provincial Party Secretary Tan Qilong.Lang Garden in The song “Yellow River and Yangtze River” by Wu Daozi in this year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala is a real landscape, reflecting the prosperity of Ancient and modern China.This work was done at 12:15 on February 5, 2022 in Nanshan Folk house, Nanan District, Chongqing