First competition, looking forward to breakthrough!Five athletes from Shandong competed in the Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-08-03 0 By

Cb.Xinhua News Agency On January 27 evening, the Chinese delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics was established, the delegation list was also announced, including a total of 387 people, including 176 athletes.There are 5 athletes from our province officially selected in the Chinese Winter Olympic delegation, they are: Li Wenlong of men’s short track speed skating;MAO Bingqiang in men’s halfpipe freestyle skiing;Li Fanghui in women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing;Hades Badrihan in men’s cross-country skiing and Tan Yinghui in women’s bobsled.In addition, my province short track speed skater An Kai as a substitute athlete to stay training.The Upcoming Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Shandong ice and snow athletes will be on the stage for the first time in history.