2-5, defensive own goal + 3 goals conceded in 18 minutes, harland absent, 2nd bundesliga down

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Borussia Dortmund, the 8-time bundesliga champions, will face bayer Leverkusen in the bundesliga round 21 at 10.30pm Beijing time on February 6, 2022.Before borussia Dortmund bayern 9 points behind the leaders, bayer leverkusen 8 point lead at the same time, the last four games each game, Dortmund 3-1, state, still can be the bayer leverkusen last 4 each 2 win 1 draw, lesser, and borussia Dortmund recently home to bayer leverkusen to win all three times,So Dortmund might be a little more confident for this game.Home borussia Dortmund offering a 433, from Royce, brent,, yeah, jointly led by starting bell, at the same time, Mr Ji, hood, mullen, small azar also got a chance to start, besides Mr. Du, guerrero, belin um also starts to battle together, harland absent because of injury, and bayer leverkusen offering out of the 4141 formation,By sigg, Diaby, demirbay, Buck co-lead the starting, while Sinkapiere, Andrishi, Virts, Belaraby also got the opportunity to start, in addition to ta, Frimpong, grier also started together.In the 10th minute, a Dortmund backcourt player was caught by a Bayer leverkusen player, who adjusted and hit the ball. The ball was cleared by the Dortmund keeper and then hit a Dortmund backcourt player. In the end, it was 0-1 and Dortmund conceded the first goal.In the 16th minute, Bayer gave Dortmund an own goal after Flynn headed the ball into Dortmund’s own net from a set-piece on the right.Bayer took the lead again in the 20th minute when Wertz met a cross from the right and putted home from 12 yards.28 minutes, bayer leverkusen in the left side of the big box for a free kick opportunity, endree penalty goal, only to run two step, after exposure, direct to the upper left corner of the goal of the ball through the wall, the other goalkeeper fly one saves, the ball, 3-1, bayer leverkusen expanded score advantage,Dort conceded three goals in a row in 18 minutes.In the 53rd minute, bayer leverkusen took a corner from the right and after a scuffle, ta volleyed home the goal to make it 4-1.Bayer Leverkusen scored from Abou Diaby in the 87th minute to put Dortmund 5-1 down.In the 89th minute of the game, Dort was pulled back by Tegus, 2-5 dort down.In the end, Dortmund crashed to a home defeat by Bayer Leverkusen, ending the bundesliga’s three-game winning streak.Leverkusen have 38 points, just five behind Dortmund, who remain nine points behind leaders Bayern Munich.