Winter is here, spring breeze is not far away

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Tea tasting is exquisite, a cup of tea is divided into three, the first oral tea temperature, the second tea tasting, the third is tea drinking.Shallow drink, tea in the mouth whirl, suddenly feel mouth and nose fragrance, the beauty and happiness of life, nothing is better than this.Cold winter, a cup of tea warm body and mind!Baohexiang 2001 batch of Yixi cooked tea is refined with the craftsmanship of “Li Wenhua fermentation”, selected Yiwu tree tea as raw material, light red ripe multi-level fermentation.Vigorous fermentation: not only retains the varieties and regional characteristics of raw materials, but also has the mellow mellow of cooked tea.Yi-xi round tea cord fat and clear, the color of the soup is golden red and bright, the first part of the taste is mellow and smooth, slightly bitter bottom, back to gan Sheng Jin fast, cool and comfortable in the mouth, fructose fragrance, honey fragrance warm, tea lively, with a large space for transformation;In the middle of the soup, there is a light nectar fragrance, clear and sweet, with a little wood smell of aging, amber-like soup color, golden circle, the soup is mellow and smooth, with a warm and mellow flavor of old tea;Tea soup levels are varied, each bubble can bring a different experience;After the soup to the end of the ripe fragrance gradually faded, the old tea like rhyme emerged, there is a cool feeling between the lips and teeth, leisurely and comfortable;Tail water honey sweet rhyme, moistening god.In this deep cold winter to find a space belonging to their own, about three or five friends, around the stove cooking tea, a total taste of good tea, is not beautiful!There is nothing better and happier in life than this.