What are the malicious additions of decoration companies?One careless fall into a pit

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As we are getting better and better to the decoration requirements, so the decoration company is more and more, the decoration market competition is more and more intense.In order to attract customers may be some decoration companies will rely on our owners do not understand the decoration do not understand how much money decoration needs, through the lower price to attract owners, and then through the way to get the money back after the entry, the final loss or the owner.In fact, the increase is not terrible, terrible is malicious increase and passive increase.For example, water and electricity according to the actual project amount settlement, construction workers deliberately around, originally only need more than 10,000 projects, finally inexplicably handed over more than 30,000.This kind of behavior is not ashamed, but was caught up with the owner can only helpless and even indignation, today we say what decoration company most commonly used malicious increase method!1 window sill stone and door stone for the first time to listen to window sill stone and door stone will be more strange, in fact, it is the area of general windowsill and ceramic tile and floor connection, such as the lower part of the door, what can be installed is stone.But a lot of budget quotation is not included in these projects, at most in the quotation of construction technology or practice marked by the owner to buy materials, generally do not add up in the total price of our decoration.Although each window stone or door stone does not have much money, but each window and door need to install stone place, add up to more than 1000 yuan or even more.2 skirting line and gypsum line are generally the same as window cover and door cover, and skirting line and gypsum line are calculated according to meters, and their unit price is relatively low.Play crural line is commonly we decorate will decorate a project, but it is not provide some budget quotation, some may be in the area of the cost of the floor of laid floor, but laid floor area is bad to say, the cost of the previous budget likely when decorate give you add a little per meter we also what to say,But if you add a little bit per meter that’s a pretty big total.The height of the waterproof layer of 3 waterproof toilets, according to the provisions of the toilet part of the area is to waterproof 1.8m, such as the shower area is waterproof layer to do 1.8m, but the price is to give you according to the price of 1.2m.When decorating to do waterproof, some decoration company will lead you to intentionally put all metope brush to 1.8 m, and then enumerate what might be the disadvantages of various waterproof high enough, so that the owners have to accept the proposed increase in height, this is also our inevitable, increase of intangible items, and increases the cost of the waterproof layer is also a big number.4 wall ground leveling normally, tiles do not need leveling, but now with the update of wall tile paving technology, such as the paving method needs to level the wall first, and then stick tiles;And the ground unless the error is particularly large or do not need leveling, but some decoration companies will take the ground flatness error is too large reason, let the owners to leveling, and the need to decorate the company will need to increase the cost.If you need to lay wood flooring, the area of the wood flooring generally needs to do ground leveling first, but the budget quotation will have similar leveling thickness of more than 3 cm need to add money to the limit.Some bad decoration companies will first quote at a lower price, and then tell the owners that the leveling thickness is over and they need to add money.Because the price of leveling is relatively high, once the addition is involved, the order of magnitude should be thousands of yuan.Water and electricity is the most easily manipulated part, excluding the intentional winding and doing all kinds of useless branch, water is also very common in the measurement of water and electricity quantity.Decorate a company after water and electricity construction ends, can offer a quantity list to owner, but the actual measurement among them is accurate or not, only their own heart is clear, also because they feel owner won’t go rechecking commonly.So most of them are wet, and a lot of them, maybe even 20-30% of the total cost of utilities in the end, which is amazing!Additional, malcontent 1 meter presses 1 meter computation, lamp holder and wire box reservation line is too much to wait, can let you be unable to guard against, oneself owner decorates even do not know.6 material is vague some do not have good decorate a company to sign a contract with owner, often use the brand that decorate a material not to write clearly, perhaps use the material of miscellaneous brand deliberately, most adornment company can agree with owner brand, but the material of every brand also divides high school low-end, price gap is very big also.So to decorate the company to enter the construction, exchange materials at will, and even the low quality of the contract to guide the owner to choose high quality materials, resulting in increased costs, and the family has not violated the contract and budget quotation agreement.7 Beautiful seam beautiful seam has become more and more popular, but the budget quotation of decoration company does not include this content.General decoration companies will prompt customers before pasting bricks (not prompt or dilute in advance), and then find their own or use the decoration company to recommend the United States, this part of the cost is very high, ordinary decoration is also several thousand yuan, the owner needs to decide in advance and prepare this part of the budget.8 calculation is chaotic the commonest calculation when decorating is chaotic, namely water and electricity computation is chaotic.Because water and electricity are very much come according to actual settlement of accounts, so do a bit of hand and foot casually when calculating can increase the cost substantially.To avoid confusion, you must pay attention to whether these areas are clearly marked.Free access to decoration quotation source: the above pictures from the network, such as infringement or false please contact us to delete.