Notice on suspending offline business handling of public security government service Windows in The district

2022-08-02 0 By

According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, and in order to minimize the risk of gathering and cross-infection, offline business of public security administrative service Windows at all levels in Jiangning District will be suspended immediately. The specific resumption date will be further notified depending on the situation of epidemic prevention and control.The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: 1. Offline window business shall be suspended.The administrative examination and approval service center of the public Security sub-bureau, the district vehicle Control Office, the dog office, the comprehensive service window of the police station, the service window of the traffic police squadron, and the reception of letters and visits have temporarily suspended offline business handling, and the masses have been guided to implement the “examination and approval without meeting” or delay the handling through online channels.For business matters that need to be handled urgently, enterprises and the public should make an appointment through the public consultation telephone, and arrange the offline window handling time reasonably according to the epidemic situation.2, provide “network office” “do not meet” service.The public can handle public security business online through the “Nanjing Public Security”, “Jiangning Police”, “Jiangning Public Security Micro Police” wechat public account, “my Nanjing”, “Jiangsu Government Affairs Service”, “Traffic Management 12123” APP and other network office platforms.For public security government service matters that cannot be determined and must be handled by the applicant at the window, application materials can be sent by EMS mail and the examination and approval results can be delivered.Affected by the epidemic, the approval of businesses requiring approval at or above the district level will be postponed (such as collective household registration, change of main items, supplementary reporting of births in previous years, declaration of overseas births, all kinds of migration out of the city, household registration migration in rural areas, household registration restoration, registration cancellation of outbound and outbound accounts, and exit and entry documents).3. Relax the validity period of the certificate.For businesses that are in great demand and attract high attention, such as residence permit, household registration transfer permit, permit for migration, driving license expiration, etc., the validity period of the license will be relaxed and the license can be extended.4, strict health inspection system.People who have made an appointment and go to the window for business are required to wear masks, take temperature measurements, check their health codes and travel cards, and provide nucleic acid test certificates.Those who do not wear masks, have abnormal body temperature, have non-green health codes and travel cards, and have not obtained nucleic acid test certificates within 48 hours will not be processed at the window.We sincerely thank you for your understanding and support. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.This is to inform Jiangning Branch of Nanjing Public Security Bureau of attachment dated March 15, 2022