Debt collection fled to Yunnan, her husband ran away, three sister live to make a living

2022-08-02 0 By

Because of debt escape to Yunnan, live live to maintain a living.Perhaps in order to overpublicize the reason for their poor fate, or perhaps because of the use of filming techniques, many netizens began to question sanmei’s identity.To this end, three sister also clarified, said he with his husband because of debt escape came to Yunnan, husband and wife two people said to Yunnan must have a good job, but not only did not find work, but also encountered the epidemic, so did not earn any money.The two began to shoot short videos, because there were no fans, only a dozen yuan a day income.Her husband didn’t come back until her fifth birthday, so she now relies on livestreaming to support her family.In this regard, sanmei also advised those unmarried girls to keep their eyes open and not to be miserable women like themselves.When many netizens saw such a poor family, they would also lend a helping hand by sending them some cabbage and potatoes.However, xiaobian feels that no matter whether the video of sanmei is for show or not, when a man needs to rely on his wife to make money, he is already an irresponsible man.At the same time, I hope her husband can realize his wife’s difficulties and shoulder the responsibility of being a husband soon.