The life of people of different professions in Shanghai

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Shanghai completed a new round of nucleic acid sampling on April 4 to contain the spread of COVID-19, ensure people’s safety and health, and realize the “dynamic elimination” of social gatherings as soon as possible.According to the information released by the Office of Shanghai COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group, Shanghai will carry out testing, review, personnel transfer and relevant analysis and analysis in an orderly manner. After all the work is completed, follow-up control measures will be clarified in accordance with relevant national regulations and in combination with the screening results.Until then, the city will continue to implement lockdown management, except for medical treatment due to illness, strictly implement the “stay indoors”.Press conference: How are people living at home in Shanghai under the epidemic?Are there enough supplies?What is the physical and mental state of the masses?Mr. Wang is an employee of a real estate sales company. On March 10, the company notified him to stay at home because there was an epidemic near the company. Mr. Wang’s community in Pudong district is the hardest hit area of the epidemic, and his community has been inaccessible since March 23.In addition to working at home every day, another important task is to “watch” home shopping.Every day at 6∶00 am, 8∶30 am and 11∶30 PM, they grab a wave of dishes on meituan, Hema and other apps.Until March 28, when Shanghai announced that Pudong would be put under regional static management, her community mainly relied on group buying initiated by neighborhood committees and community owners to provide daily supplies.To his delight, because of the epidemic, some owners in the community have spontaneously set up wechat groups for owners, where they can buy fruits, milk, children’s noodles, cakes, pet food and other daily necessities.Not long ago, she was moved by a milk group organized by the owners.”When a village owner in to buy a certain brand of fresh milk group by the solitaire, according to the number of solitaire, the owner to be the first to milk suppliers paid thousands of dollars, more than 10 points in the middle of the night, the milk to the neighborhood, we make an appointment to buy down immediately after the village residents informed of consciously interval, 1 meter line registration payment, the owner a service until the middle of the night for us.This kind of volunteering helps neighborhood committees and streets relieve a lot of work pressure.”Mr. Wang said.For Mr. Wang, these days home, let her this more “indoorsy” people also “idle” not live.”Now that spring is coming, I want to go out, but I have to stay at home for a while to control the epidemic.”At home, however, he works off his irritability through exercises such as working out.At 3 o ‘clock in the night of April 1, puxi lockdown was opened.On the night of March 31, when many puxi residents were shopping in supermarkets, a team of young volunteers from sinopharma Shanghai Hospital management headquarters “went the wrong way” to Hanting Hotel in Baoshan District.According to the prevention and control requirements, they had to check into hotels before puxi began lockdown and put themselves under “closed-loop management” so that they could deliver drugs across the city the next day.The company is responsible for delivering nearly 50 percent of the orders placed by the city’s residents at the Internet hospital, and each order could be a citizen’s “lifesaving medicine.”However, logistics and express delivery companies that used to be responsible for distribution have been shut down due to the outbreak, and a large number of medicines have been left stranded in hospitals and warehouses.The party committee of the company immediately called on young people, middle and senior cadres and party members to take the lead, and set up a “express team” composed of more than 50 middle and senior managers and office clerks.They live together in a closed-loop hotel and deliver medicine to Shanghai residents every day while wearing protective suits.It was 11 PM when Zheng Xin, an office worker, arrived at the Closed-loop hotel on March 31, but he and several other colleagues were told they could not check in because they were from Puxi and the nucleic acid test results were not yet available.Several people just sat in the car outside the hotel lobby overnight, waiting for the nucleic acid results the next day to check in.After checking in, he went out to deliver medicine immediately.Knowing that sinopharm Shanghai Hospital headquarters was in urgent need of a closed-loop management hotel, Huazhuo Hotel Group immediately prepared Hanting Hotel with isolation experience for it, and specially equipped with a work team with closed-loop management experience.”I visited many hotels, but when I heard that we had to deliver medicine every day, they all thought it was too risky and refused.”Company related person in charge of introduction, “drug delivery team” also obtained the Pudong New Area Commerce Commission coordination of 800 self-heated rice, Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission coordination of drug transport trucks.In the isolation treatment point, the medical staff and patients have established a deep “war of friendship”.At renji Hospital, a temporary centralized treatment center of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, 180 patients became “volunteers” and cooperated with medical staff to distribute nearly 2,600 packed lunches per day.Mr. Fu is an asymptomatic infected person and also a volunteer.He posts a douyin video every day to record the details of the isolation site.”Doctors and nurses are working too hard. I hope I can help them.”He said he was initially worried about whether he would be able to adapt to the isolation, but after moving in, he found that the care, food and environment of baymax were much better than he expected.Ms. Chen is the head of a company in Shanghai.On the afternoon of April 4, Ms. Chen, who had been quarantined in the factory for 10 days, and more than 500 other colleagues urgently distributed protective equipment and took several buses to the hotel at the junction of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai at around 2 am on April 5.The first 10 days of isolation were due to one positive case in the living area of the plant, and more than 500 people who did not live in the living area were told to stay in isolation on the plant site.The sudden lockdown disrupted everyone’s rhythm of life.”Many dual-income workers are isolated in the factory, and there is only one child at home.As the whole city was under lockdown, parents worried that their children could not get takeout food, so they had to ask the community to help deliver food.””Ms. Chen said.During the isolation period of the workshop, Ms. Chen could often see videos of her colleagues walking around and talking to their families on the phone, helping them with homework, teaching them how to cook, comforting their families to say they were safe…All kinds of worries, every employee is working hard to overcome the difficulties of the small family and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control.As vice president of the union, she also became the workers’ “help station” during the isolation of the workshop: “My surgery appointment is due. Can I go out?””What if I’m running out of insulin?””I have a sprained back. What do I do without painkillers?””What if it’s time for a pregnancy test?”…Ms. Chen worked hard to solve the problems of her workmates.At the quarantine hotel, she was finally able to put everything behind her and sleep soundly.Chen said that although she did not know how long the isolation, but this kind of one-person isolation is more conducive to epidemic prevention and control than workshop isolation, she hopes that the nucleic acid test of all colleagues will be negative, can go home early.I hope the turning point of the epidemic in Shanghai will appear as soon as possible. Every ordinary person during the epidemic is a hero.Despite different views on the epidemic, Shanghai remains the same, warm and familiar.Let’s guardian in Shanghai at the same time, choose to believe in Shanghai, the rhythm of life may be slowed down, but still there are a lot of people, to the city to be busy in the streets, to guarantee urban operation, more lovely “white” as to will be coronavirus “race”, again and again, repeating the same action than a, believe that spring will come, go to Shanghai to see after the outbreak.