Ling Fang is a very good car, you can drive it very fast

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Toyota Lexa has been on the market for a while. At present, its sales are quite good. The best-selling configuration models are difficult to book in some 4S shops.The reason why Lexus has been so popular may be that Lexus and Lexus RX have the same origin. Lexus HARRIER was born in 1997 and has gone through four generations of models. The market recognition is one of the important reference factors for friends to choose a car.SUV Lexus and Lexus RX models tongyuan Yifeng launched Lexus and Guangfeng also launched Sa, Sa is similar to Lexus quality models.Lingfang is a global model, the introduction of the original global modeling is the original juice, taste of luxury elegant car.Sa is also lexus RX homologous model, sa gasoline version has four-wheel drive model but Lingfang does not in terms of appearance, the two cars have the same idea, which one do you like?Judge by your personal taste.Lexa is a more orthodox model with pure blood. Lexa has a long history and is more like the traditional RX, while Visa belongs to the Style model of the North American version with a short history.The appearance of Ling fang and Sa is not very different. Sa is produced by GAC, and LING Fang is produced by FAW. In fact, the strength of the two manufacturers is equal.Guangfeng luxury car experience is not a rich experience, sa here slightly station peak.LingFang, sayin the two owners are luxurious elegance and comfort, playing LingFang is put these two points show incisively and vividly, although is the appearance of the SUV, but driving and riding up to have the same comfort and car, so they are used in the city, the main purpose of the two drive version completely enough, and also will be higher fuel economy.It can be said that Ling Fang, Wei Sa two cars evenly matched cars are good.Which one do you like?It’s up to you to decide which car to buy.It’s really a conundrum. Just go with the flow.