87.1 percent of respondents will pay attention to ordinary heroes

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87.1 percent of respondents pay attention to ordinary heroes report that the post-00s generation pay more attention to ordinary heroes. 64.9 percent of respondents believe that young people can learn from ordinary heroes by taking on their mission in life, showing ordinary greatness.On qingming Festival this year, a survey of 2,048 respondents was conducted by the Social Investigation Center of China Youth Newspaper and wenjuan.com. It was found that 87.1 percent of the respondents pay attention to stories about ordinary heroes, while the post-00s generation pay more attention to stories about ordinary heroes (90.7 percent).Veneration of ordinary heroes, 64.9 percent of respondents think young people can learn from example.Of the respondents, 28.4 percent were born in the 2000s, 40.1 percent in the 1990s, 23.4 percent in the 1980s, 5.9 percent in the 1970s and 2.2 percent in the 1960s.”The police who keep us safe, the health care workers who go out ‘against the tide’, the community workers who work so hard — they are all ordinary heroes in my opinion,” he said.Liu Hongqiang, who was born in the 2000s, pays close attention to reports about ordinary heroes. He thinks that although many of them are ordinary people doing ordinary jobs, they possess great power.Liu hongqiang said that when browsing micro-blogs and short videos, he would be moved by the deeds of ordinary heroes, leaving messages, forwarding them, and watching documentaries and literary works related to them.Zhang Mengyu, a high school student, has been reposting many posts related to the anti-drug police.He said he didn’t know much about them until he saw some movies and TV shows based on drug cops, which made him more aware of the profession, the danger of their work and the meaning of persistence and dedication.In the survey, 87.1 percent of respondents usually pay attention to reports on ordinary heroes.Interaction analysis shows that the post-00s pay more attention (90.7%).Zhao LAN, who works in Hangzhou, went to visit the tomb during the Qingming Holiday.She saw many people spontaneously come to the “sea and Air guard” martyr Wang Wei’s tomb to lay flowers, fully felt everyone’s respect and miss the martyrs.Zhao LAN felt that there were many ordinary people in daily life, such as scientific researchers and model workers, who were shining with brilliance.Zhao LAN usually learns about heroic deeds through news reports, and she thinks people generally pay close attention to them. “The social atmosphere of advocating heroes is good now,” she said.Zeng jing, who comes from Hunan province, often visited the Red Education Base when she was a student, and now accompanies her niece to the memorial hall.She felt it was necessary for children to learn more about history and stories of heroes to “subtly shape their character”.According to the data, documentaries/TV dramas (62.2 percent), media reports (59.9 percent), and memorials/Red Education bases (53.8 percent) were the main ways interviewees learned about ordinary heroic deeds.Other books/books (38.1%), short video platform (36.2%), friends (33.8%) and parent/teacher/social platform/friends and relatives (28.9%), etc.”Where there are superheroes who fall from the sky, heroes are in our daily lives,” said 64.9 percent of respondents.After 90 li Jiating some time ago on the Internet to see a short video about the heroes, feel “ordinary people bring their most moved.”In Li Jiating’s view, heroes are not distant, all walks of life can produce heroes, “ordinary heroes do not care about industry, identity, their courage, kindness, justice, let us see the beautiful world”.”Remembering those we lost, remembering their sacrifice, and honoring all who stood by.”Liu hongqiang believes that advocating heroes can make more people feel more responsible and create a virtuous and upward social atmosphere.As for veneration of ordinary heroes, 64.9 percent of respondents think it can help young people learn from example, and 63.3 percent think it can make ordinary people more responsible.Others included making the people first more popular (52.6 percent), popularizing socialist core values (50 percent), helping everyone to see the good and think alike (45.7 percent), enhancing cultural confidence and rallying the national spirit (39.4 percent).”We have never lacked heroes as a nation.”Zeng Jing believes that the reason why we can overcome many difficulties and keep moving forward is because there are many great ordinary people. “Whether it is going against the tide in difficult times, or sticking to the responsibilities in ordinary posts, there is a heat and a light, so that ordinary people are no longer ordinary”.Sun Shan, reporter of China Youth Daily. Source: China Youth Daily