Seized traffic illegal behavior 531!Hengyang traffic police different places with police joint enforcement action

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On the evening of February 16, Hengyang county west crossing, just under the heavy rain of the road is still wet, lights on the intersection will appear a group of “fluorescent yellow”.They are hengyang City Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment of special action commandos, the hengyang County to help carry out a month of “urban support for rural areas, organs support grassroots” traffic order regulation with police cross law enforcement action.It is reported, for later to ensure Spring Festival transportation in the city road traffic safety situation is steady, the municipal public security bureau traffic police detachment from various counties urban brigade and detachment secret, 20 capable fighters brigade deploy forces to form a special operations team, carried out a month-long “cities support the countryside, organ support grassroots” long-distance traffic regulation with the p cross law enforcement action.Different with p in cross enforcement action, according to the unified deployment, the municipal public security bureau traffic police detachment assault group cooperate with hengyang county public security bureau traffic police brigade, surrounding roads in catering, entertainment places, the edge and GuoShengDao main node, important towns surrounding roads, wade wine accident prone, through patrol control, fixed point set up checked posts, and more,Strengthen the intensity and density of road control, increase the inspection of minivans, cars, motorcycles, electric vehicles and other key vehicles.Police carried out comprehensive and seamless inspections on passing vehicles and drivers by means of identification and alcohol screening, focusing on serious traffic violations such as drunk driving, “three overrides and one fatigue”, overmanned rural vans carrying passengers, illegal people, and riding electric motorcycles without wearing safety helmets.During the whole course of the operation, all the participants were equipped with law enforcement recorders and carried out law enforcement in accordance with the requirements of “strict, standardized, fair and civilized”, and resolutely detected, investigated and educated all kinds of traffic violations.The cross enforcement action, as of February 17, the cumulative investigate drunk driving since December, wade card card on 16, 468, electric motorcycle don’t wear a helmet pedestrian violates 30 cases, one 5, powerful deterrent for all kinds of traffic violations, created a peace for the masses smooth road traffic environment, achieved good control effect.Third instance: Luo Aijun second instance: Liu Jisong editor: Huang Zhou sheng source: traffic police brigade