Mission Hills Pavilion | applause “Ling” extremely, do not forget the “small mountains”

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On February 18, the women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing final of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held at Genting Ski Park in Chongli, Hebei Province.The event, gu’s specialty and her bid for a third medal at the Games, had attracted much attention ahead of the games.Finally, Gu Lived up to everyone’s expectations and won the gold medal.She was joined by two Chinese girls, Li Fanghui from Shandong province and Zhang Kexin from Heilongjiang Province.This Winter Olympic Games, China in the women’s halfpipe skills achieved a full quota of 4 athletes, the players are all “after 2000”.In the qualifying round on February 17, except for Wu Meng, zhang Kexin and Li Fanghui successfully advanced.In the final on The 18th, Li fanghui and Zhang Kexin ranked fifth and seventh respectively with the highest scores of 86.5 and 78.75 points.In the third round of the final, Zhang kexin failed a difficult 1080 and fell heavily, unable to get up for a while.After a few minutes of medical treatment, Zhang kexin stood up strongly and continued to slide to the finish line, while the sound of “Vast Sea and sky” was heard.This project is full of danger, but the girls are not afraid of danger, not afraid of the challenge, this is our moment of respect.This result of Li Fanghui created the best result in the history of the Winter Olympics in Shandong.Li Fanghui was born in Heilongjiang province in 2003. She was sent by Heze Songjiang Martial Arts School through cross-field and cross-sport selection, and registered as a national athlete on behalf of Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau.”She is very motivated and never cries when she is injured. She always says, ‘I can stand the pain because the Winter Olympics is my dream’.”Li’s mother, Zou Aiping, said.In this competition, the winner of the “genius girl” Gu Ailing, is the absolute focus, of course, we should applaud for its cry.But at the same time, we should also see that Li Fanghui, Zhang Kexin, the two young talent after 00 outstanding play and hard work, beyond their elegant demeanor, should get more attention and encouragement.Every medal, every achievement, every Time to advance to the Olympic Games, to be able to come to the finals, it is not easy!Almost every competition day, there are Chinese players on the court.Many athletes are silent “unsung heroes”.Kong fanying, 26, for example, has competed in all five alpine skiing disciplines: downhill, slalom, giant slalom, super G and all-around.In addition, she will also participate in the mixed team events, a total of six events, is one of the most Chinese athletes at this Winter Olympics.Yan Wengang, bronze medalist in men’s skeleton bobsled, won China’s first medal in bobsled. Another Chinese athlete Yin Zheng set a new track start record and placed fifth in the race.You should know that this project has always been the advantage of developed countries in Europe and the United States, China steel frame snow team was established in 2015.To these athletes more attention and encouragement, because they have the courage to fight, hard training, climb the peak, showing the Chinese athletes fighting spirit;More attention and encouragement are given to these athletes because they have also broken through their own achievements and created Chinese history, which is a vivid proof of China’s overall progress in ice and snow sports.More attention and encouragement will be given to these athletes, because we see more and more Chinese athletes on the road to the champion, so that their value can be fully reflected, which will encourage more young people to participate in snow and ice sports and contribute to the talent pool of the Winter Olympics in China.We honor heroes, but heroes are not just the fastest and the best, but the people who don’t get what they want, who keep trying, who challenge themselves, who challenge their opponents.Rational view of winning and losing, to forge ahead of the “loser” to more applause!(Tutor Zhou Xueze)