German Pharma gets off to a good start in first quarter

2022-07-31 0 By

Sales in the first quarter increased by 35% year on year, and taxes paid increased by 38% year on year.Zhou Leishe report from our correspondent (reporter Song Yantao correspondent li hua) as the city’s first national high and new technology enterprise and national new drug r&d platform demonstration unit, Texas, medicine pharmaceutical co., LTD., try to overcome outbreak accelerate scientific research and innovation, was lost focus focus and promote enterprise’s core competitiveness, sales rose 35% in the first quarter, over taxes rose 38% year-on-year,The first quarter is off to a good start.This year, with the attitude of “the beginning is the decisive battle, the beginning is the sprint”, the staff of Deyao actively engaged in production and sales. They adhere to the road of “specialization, specialization and innovation”, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of products, give full play to the advantages of “Gazelle enterprise” and “single champion”, and ensure the leading position in the domestic slow and controlled release preparations.The company insists that “curative effect is the absolute principle”, and its main product “Degaoning”, namely nifedipine sustained release tablet (I) 10mg, is the only drug of this variety that has passed the consistent evaluation in China at present.The updated product of “Degaoning” — Nifedipine controlled-release tablet has successfully completed clinical BE experiment and reported to The State Food and Drug Administration. It is expected to BE approved for production this year and become a new profit growth pole of the enterprise.