Epidemic prevention goes hand in hand with fraud prevention

2022-07-31 0 By

Recently, Chaoyang street Wenbo community Party committee, family planning association, community happiness neighborhood center to carry out “epidemic prevention + fraud prevention” publicity activities.Social workers and volunteers to dole out fraud to past residents page flyer, to introduce the recent emergence of financial fraud of new technique, to popularize knowledge of financial fraud, told residents don’t meet stranger calls, can’t just click on links, one thousand cheated the first time to report, etc., and introduces for residents and to receive “the elder brother of the huzhou anti cheat a code” WeChat program,Keep people away from telecom fraud.For residents to introduce and receive “Huzhou anti-fraud one elder brother code” wechat program anti-fraud do not forget epidemic prevention.Social workers and volunteers also distributed “Huzhou Epidemic Prevention Manual” to residents, reminding them to wear masks when going out, take good personal hygiene and protective measures, actively get vaccinated, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, timely understand the epidemic prevention and control information, and overcome difficulties together.Through the publicity, not only enhance the local residents’ confidence in epidemic prevention, but also improve their awareness and ability to prevent online fraud, and the masses work together to build a solid barrier to fight the epidemic and prevent fraud.