Du Xiaohua, the only person who hasn’t found a child in the original “Dear” : Put an extra pair of chopsticks on the table for the New Year

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In the past period of time, Du Xiaohua witnessed the home of Sun Zhuo and Zhang Yangyang at the scene.As a special observer, after 11 years of searching for his son, he said he was now happy and excited, but no longer felt lost.”The dark hour has passed,” he told Shandong Business Daily. “Now I am full of confidence.”Every Year, Du xiaohua puts an extra pair of bowls and chopsticks on the dining table.He is always looking forward to, his son micky (Du Houqi) can return to his side as soon as possible.Du xiaohua said he hoped his son would grow up healthy and happy in the New Year.”Next year, daddy will try to find you and get you back to mommy and Daddy for good.””I’ve been as busy as a top lately.”It’s 11 PM on January 30, the 28th day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar, and Du Xiaohua is still trying to “get all the work done” for the year.For much of the year, the day-to-day business of the store and taking care of the family are left to the wife.”It’s not easy for her, either.”After years of searching for Du houqi, Du xiaohua and his wife opened a mobile phone shop and eyeglasses shop in their hometown town in Jiangxi province, “performance failed to keep up.”A year and a half after Du houqi was abducted, Du xiaohua’s “brother, elder brother and nephew” raised money to open the shop. “At least I have an income so that I can continue to go on the road of looking for my son.”Speaking of this, Du Xiaohua said with emotion, “This is why some parents can’t walk.That’s the reason.”New Year’s Eve (January 31) that day, Du Xiaohua is still on the run, to “account”.Shandong Business Daily · Speed Leopard News reporter in Du Xiaohua’s wechat circle of friends, 3 days ago, he released a dynamic in almost pleading tone: to the root of the year, is it harder than me, even if it is difficult, also have to honor the original promise ah…For Du Xiaohua, this year’s Spring Festival is not much different from those of recent years.”We are not busy with the Spring Festival,” he said. “Spring Festival is just a family meal.The family business depends on this period of time.”Du xiaohua told reporters that his house in his hometown had not yet been built. After his father died, his family and his mother went to his brother’s home for the Spring Festival.The store is open today and tomorrow.At 3 o ‘clock this afternoon, my family will go to my brother’s place to have dinner.”Wish “small mickey (Du Houqi) where are you, we still can’t wait until you spend the New Year together.”Standing in front of the camera, Du xiaohua said, “WHEN I have dinner on New Year’s Eve, I always put an extra pair of bowls and chopsticks, hoping du Houqi can sit with us.”Looking for son 11 years, Du Xiaohua’s wish is very clear: as soon as possible and son Du Houqi reunion.On March 6, 2011, Du Houqi, who was born on April 16, 2005, disappeared in front of a wooden cabinet factory in South Village, Dingdulonggui Village, Xingsheng Town, Qingshan District, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia.His family wished him a happy and healthy life and named him “Little Mickey”.”Seeing Elder sister Li Fang and Zhang Yangyang sitting together, happy and round, reminds me more of my son.”Du xiaohua told Shandong Business Daily that looking at Zhang yangyang’s height of 1.8 meters, he also thought of Du Houqi’s former classmates, “and his cousin, who is also 1.8 meters tall,” adding, “Many times I wonder how tall my son will be.””I still want to wish you (Du Houqi), in the New Year, healthy and happy growth.Next year, dad will try his best to find you and bring you back to mom and dad forever, “du said.Witness On January 22, du Xiaohua drove to Wuhan from Jiangxi province at around 7 PM.Once again, to witness the reunion of the “difficult friends”.”It should have taken six hours.”Caught up in the Spring Festival travel rush, traffic jam on the highway and rain, he arrived in Wuhan, dawn.Li Fang and her son Zhang Yangyang, who was abducted 24 years ago, gathered at Wuhan Tianhe Airport on Wednesday afternoon, attracting public attention.Dozens of media cameras focused on Li Fang and Zhang Yangyang, while it was hard not to draw attention to Du Xiaohua.When Zhang yangyang did not arrive, Du Xiaohua stood beside Li Fang surrounded by the crowd, constantly comforting her.In between, he’s on site to help out with things.Du xiaohua told Shandong Business Daily that after years of searching for a son, “she also regarded me as a brother.””After so many years of looking for children together, I don’t need to say much about many things psychologically, so I will naturally take on that kind of responsibility and burden.”Du Xiaohua, who stretched out his arms to keep order, was also trending when Li Fang and Zhang Yang embraced.He physically separated the mother and son from the crowd, biting his lip and trying not to cry, which moved millions of people.”The main thing I was thinking was, this day has finally come.It’s not my little Mickey, but for Li Fang, we can all relate to her search for a baby over the years.””I also told Yangyang that you may only see the end, but only aunts and uncles can feel the difficulty of your mother’s search for you,” Du said.Du Xiaohua told reporters, in fact, at that time he really can not leave, “home is very busy.With a family and a small business, my wife can’t bear to stay at home alone.”However, for him, li Fang and Zhang Yangyang’s meeting at the scene, he had a reason to be there.”If I don’t go, it will feel like all of our years of work have been wasted.”Du Xiaohua told shandong Business Daily, “In the past, when Guo Zhen and Sun Zhuo came home, I felt happy and excited for them, but also a little lost in my heart: when will my children come home?But I wasn’t disappointed when Zhang Yangyang came home.””The darkest hour is over and I am confident now.It feels like dawn is coming.””Our group of ‘brothers and sisters’ finally survived.”Du xiaohua told reporters that as one child after another was returned to their biological parents, “everything is going in the right direction now.”On January 24, Du xiaohua traveled from Luohe, Henan province, to a charity base in Hualing, Hangzhou.”We plan to build a child finder exhibition here, mainly displaying some inspiration of the child finder, as well as the tools we used in the process of the child finder.We are still working on it. It will be ready in the next year.”Representatives of parents seeking relatives gathered in Hangzhou for the New Year in 2022.”At that time, we had a good discussion. At that time, we also had a feeling and thought that we had come all these years. It would be good if there was a place where we could display some things about our group looking for children.Later, Teacher Deng Fei said that we should try to build an exhibition hall here.”On January 26, the 24th day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar, Du Xiaohua returned to his hometown in Jiangxi province from Hangzhou for the Spring Festival.”I sincerely thank the government and the public security organs for their attention and help.Thanks to the media friends, no matter at any time, are the media reporters accompany us, “du xiaohua said.Source fast Leopard news · Shandong Business Daily