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“Indescribable joy,” “perfect event,” “Thanks for the warmest smile,” “Epidemic prevention without worry,” “The courage to hold the event on schedule,” “I miss it even before I leave.”Through the window of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the world has seen a wonderful answer!From “100 meters, minute level” accurate weather forecast, to fully protect the safety of the ropeway “cloud guardian”;From the meticulous and considerate medical and epidemic prevention services to the happiness on the tip of the mouth of “too delicious to want to go home”, every athlete is touched and warm in his heart.Halfway through the Beijing Winter Olympics, athletes around the world have recorded their best performances in history.Athletes create better results behind, is the incomparable technology guarantee.A total of 212 technologies were used in the Games, 33 of which were used for the first time.At least eight new Olympic records have been set there.”The potential of technology is amazing and for the first time in Olympic history Beijing has really tapped that potential,” ioc President Thomas Bach said.Both the “fastest ice” and the unique “water ice conversion” technology demonstrate the power of Chinese science and technology.”Beijing Is the most-watched Winter Olympics ever!”This fully proves that the Beijing Winter Olympics have captivated audiences around the world with their wonderful and outstanding performances.Through this window, I can see the strength of the national team and feel the responsibility of the international team.In recent days, the China Media Group’s television transmission technology has won praise from both inside and outside the industry.Bach also congratulated the Media group on its successful coverage of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The great effort of the broadcast by the main platform not only brought wonderful views to hundreds of millions of viewers, but also promoted the Olympic spirit more widely.”This is by far the most comprehensive broadcast of an Olympic event we have ever seen, the WORLD’s best rights-holding broadcaster, the world’s most forward-looking and capable broadcaster…”A number of “tops” from the CEO of Olympic Broadcasting Services, showing recognition from the profession.The Beijing Winter Olympics is the first comprehensive global sports event to be held as scheduled since the outbreak of COVID-19.The Beijing Winter Olympics has produced the most events and gold MEDALS ever. It is also one of the largest winter Olympics with nearly 3,000 athletes from 91 countries and regions taking part.It is not easy to successfully host the Winter Olympics under the epidemic.Xi Jinping, general Secretary of the Communist Party of China, has stressed that “we will strive to deliver a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Olympic Games to the world” and “we will not only host a successful Winter Olympics, but also host a distinctive, splendid and unique Olympic Games.”While strictly preventing and controlling the epidemic, China has comprehensively sorted out and earnestly implemented all the work in accordance with the goal of hosting the games as scheduled.Facts have proved that China not only hosted the Beijing Winter Olympics as scheduled, but also won the appreciation of the international community for its outstanding performance.It is China’s commitment and action to dedicate a grand Olympic Games to the world.China has made great contributions to the Olympic Movement.”History was made at the Beijing Winter Olympics!”As the first Winter Olympics to be held since the Olympic motto “More United” was added, the Beijing Winter Olympics are destined to leave a unique memory of ice and snow for the world with its splendor, extraordinary and excellence.”Good, good, good, good.”
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