With master Li Damao, Yang Yongcai revealed scheming timing

2022-07-30 0 By

Apprentice Yang Yongcai exposed master Li Damao, has become a hot topic in fishing circles these days, in the Year of the Tiger heat does not reduce.As the apprentice of fishing master Li Damao, why Yang chose to expose Li Damao at this time, xiaobian also talk about his own views: 1, deliberately choose in Damao and his employer signed a contract, to a king fried, there is a feeling of disgust its master, but also to avenge their lost endorsement;2, Li Damao’s new “Swim fishing China” is about to start shooting, choose this time to break the news, will give this program buried a bomb in advance, it is not good to say;But have to say, the apprentice of this move enough ruthless, also enough scheming!3. Deliberately choosing a few days before the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, he publicly posted a long article on the network to expose all kinds of faults of Master, and even cast all kinds of burdens, which caused netizens to speculate. It can be said that he was well-intented, but also suspected of forcibly censoring traffic.Dare to go against the world, and master openly, must have thought of the apprentice.Through open tear, let Li Damao people set collapse, but also incidentally enhance their visibility.There is no doubt that many anglers had no idea who he was before.However, Yang yongcai’s number of followers on a platform did rise slightly after he posted a long post criticizing his master.Yang Yongcai’s long article (Part of content) Yang Yongcai’s long article, with thousands of words, details his master’s several crimes, and the “Deyun Society” incident quite similar.Li, who is over 60 years old, shed tears at Yang’s words and deeds in the live broadcast, but did not respond directly to Yang yongcai’s long article. On New Year’s Eve, Li still played with the pole and went fishing with great interest.Li Damao went fishing on New Year’s Eve and seemed to be in a good mood. In an interactive message with netizens, Li Damao pointed out that “someone publicly insulted his teacher and his family, which is confusing”, and said that his girlfriend (Aunt Zhang) was his wife, all rightfully so.Later, a woman suspected to be “Zhang Yi” also expressed her feelings on social media platforms, saying that she would not feel sad because of the mockery and groping of some black fans, and I believe that beautiful things will happen soon…Many netizens have lined up to support Li Damao after his apprentice posted a “long article” to expose his master’s behavior.In the view of netizens, respect for teachers is a fine tradition of Chinese people, there are problems can be solved privately, choose to break the news, tear only let more people see its nature.Heaven is worse than man. Looking at the one-sided comments on the Internet, the apprentice did not know what he was thinking.Estimate still feel these netizen is li Damao invites “water army”.In the “long article”, Yang Yongcai publicly accused master Li Damao of hiring network writers to publish articles, to its public opinion, moral kidnapping.This idea, as Teacher Li Damao said in the process of interaction with fans, “catching wind and shadows”, is very naive.In the Internet age, everyone is a small media, and has their own views and voice channels on the issue of master versus apprentice. If you dare to expose it, don’t be afraid of “criticism” from netizens.For this matter, xiaobian also believe that everyone’s eyes are clear, which is right and which is wrong, the netizens have their own conclusion.