To love oneself is not to be selfish

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Good things to learn to share, to learn to care for my brother and sister……These words are heard as a child you are learned to love others, but to love is not the basis of first learn to love yourself, love yourself is not that this man was selfish if you want to live a sober or want to get happiness, you have to learn to love yourself if you don’t have a regular life, negative energy everyday, so what do you how to love others,Not everyone is perfect, loving oneself is not the only basis for selfishness, but there are a lot of people in life who use this idea to satirize others.In fact, sometimes, you and this situation, can be refuted, you think so, aren’t you selfish?Because he only consider themselves, so everyone will only to consider from their own, often means they did not learn to love yourself treat yourself and only keep the best state, every day you don’t always unknown we walk this road may say is very long, but sometimes feel very short, mainly depends on what kind of person you meet,And who you choose to associate with.If the person you love, you will feel you enough time to stay together, if, you choose a man you don’t like, you will feel time is too long, how still not over, this time you will become a week we meet many people, but few can go forward side by side you only experienced some setbacks, to see some facts.Of course, it is only when you work together that you find out whether you are suitable to be friends or not. A person’s character is not judged by the moment, but by the details, which is a long-term problem.Want to be when you will find that some are often those who are good character didn’t have many friends, surrounded by the light of their own only a person with the same light will see meet a man who has a good character to make friends, you will not be cheating, not afraid to be disappoint, no one to help, so afraid of hour to you good people, must be doubly treasured, because some people miss the really missed,Never take the chance that the next one will be better