TT New Nakano takes on BLG!Rookie, OMG vs. V5

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On February 11, 2022, the league of Legends LPL spring season season will be held in the fourth week of the regular season on this day will welcome three games “super Game Day”.The three matches were UP vs AL, BLG vs TT and OMG vs V5.Zdz, Xiaohao, Forge, Betty, QiuQiuUP won two games in a row before the Spring Festival, which can be said to be a good year.In fact, UP itself is not weak, the MSI champion single Cryin and Elk double arrow also played a good performance in the recent matches.However, from the current UP team’s main problem is the stability of the wild player H4cker.And if H4cker can keep its game more stable, UP is actually a very competitive team.AL is on a five-game losing streak, and Maple’s presence didn’t help AL get a win.So Forge was back in the starting lineup after helping AL to their first win of the season against UP.I wonder if AL will be able to stop its losing streak in the face of the up-up team, which is gaining momentum recently, after the lineup changes again.Game 2: BLG VS TTBLG Starters: Breathe, Weiwei, FoFo, Doggo, CrispTT Starters: New, Chieftain, UCAL, Puff, Southwind In their last game against RNG, BLG finally suffered its first loss of the New season.Also, in that game, the BLG upper field combination had some problems.However, the loss of a game is not a bad thing for BLG, after all, the running-in of the new lineup needs to find problems in the running-in process through such a loss.So, can BLG grow from that loss?I believe this game will bring us the answer.TT finally got their first win of the new season before the Spring Festival, to the relief of many fans.However, according to TT’s starting situation in this game, TT’s two foreign players UCAL and Chieftain finally welcomed their debut of the new season, which means TT is likely to make great efforts in the following matches.Of course, how much of a difference will UCAL and Chieftain’s nakano combination bring to TT?There is no better way to play a game than against the BLG.OMG vs. V5OMG Starters: Shanji, AKi, Creme, Able, COLDV5 Starters:Rich, Karsa, Rookie, Photic, ppgodOMG showed their resilience in their last match, not only beating their formidable rivals TES, but also successfully ending their losing streak.Creme, in particular, has turned TES on its head with a confident mid-single against an opponent of Knight’s caliber.But it is worth mentioning that although TES paper strength is very strong, but in the state before the Spring Festival is relatively depressed.So OMG was able to beat TES partly because they were pretty good, but also partly because TES was really bad.Now, OMG is going to face V5, which also beat TES. Has OMG made great progress after beating TES?This game will give us the answer.Rookie and Karsa, two veteran players, have injected new activities into V5 with their excellent performances in the new season.Although V5 lost to WBG in the game before the Spring Festival, it got the first defeat of the new season, but in fact, it also had a lot to do with the BP team at that time.So, to some extent, V5 has been in pretty good shape since the start.In this game, V5 will face the challenge of OMG, and the veteran Rookie will also face the challenge of Rookie Creme.Let’s see who will do better!Finally, guys, which three teams do you think will win the game?