Professor Yan Yushan was elected academician of American Academy of Engineering

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Yushan Yan, an electrochemistry expert who teaches engineering at the University of Delaware, has been elected a Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences’ College of Engineering.He will be a household name, not just because he has received the highest honors in American science, but because he led a team at the University of Delaware that discovered how to use electrochemistry to solve carbon emissions.For example, their device, used in hybrid electric vehicles, can capture 99 percent of the carbon.This device uses electrochemical cells equipped with hydroxide exchange membrane fuel to solve a problem that has been unsolved for many years.Their electrochemical cell is small and light, but powerful.A two-by-two-inch electrochemical cell can capture two liters of carbon dioxide per minute at a rate of 99 percent.This is possible because the internal mechanism uses a two-outlet spiral to create conditions for carbon capture by short-circuiting the current.With this design, they solved the key problem that hydroxide exchange membranes are highly sensitive to carbon.It’s actually a carbon separator.Only one percent of the carbon is missing.Yan’s team has been working on this success for 15 years.The battery they developed, which is powered by hydrogen, can be used not only in hybrid cars, but also in any applicable field, such as aircraft, ships, construction.In short, wherever there is a need to reduce emissions, there is huge potential.The great potential of this invention is that it has the potential to replace the traditional gasoline and diesel fuel cars as a technological star of the future.And their devices can be large or small, applicability is strong, has great significance for the current greenhouse reduction.A patent has been filed.At this exciting moment, Professor Yan yushan was elected as an academician of the National Academy of Engineering.Dennis Assanis, president of the University of Delaware, congratulated Him: “Yan yushan’s election to the National Academy of Engineering is a professional culmination for an engineer.I know the entire university joins me in congratulating Yan yushan, who fully deserves this recognition for his outstanding achievements.”Along with Yan, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, was elected academician.Yushan Yan is the ninth professor in Delaware’s history to receive the honor, which is significant.Yushan Yan joined the University of Delaware in 2011 as associate Dean for Research and entrepreneurship.Under his leadership, he has so far obtained more than 20 patents, written more than 250 papers and been cited over 10,000 times.He is also the founder and CHIEF executive officer of Versogen, a startup founded at the University of Delaware.Eric Furst, chair of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Delaware, commented: “Yan yushan is a charismatic leader in addressing the enormous challenges of sustainability and developing electrochemical processes.”The breakthrough achievement yan and his team made at the University of Delaware has attracted the attention of the United States and other countries around the world.Their hydroxide exchange membrane fuel electrochemical cell, which is expected to contribute to global greenhouse reduction in the near future, will also let more people know his name.