More than her New Year | women warm people, home to send warm

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Spring Festival is coming, the old cold feeling deep.In order to fully reflect the party and the women’s federation organization of yuhang district women masses care, help them to alleviate difficulties, to ensure that they and the whole district people live a happy, peaceful Spring Festival.In recent days, the grassroots women’s federation organizations in yuhang district under the guidance of women’s federation, in-depth carried out the “Year of the Tiger Spring to send warmth” three service activities.In Shuanglian Village, Zhongtai Street, Sun Guoying, chairman of the Village Women’s Federation, sent school supplies and New Year’s greetings to families of children in need. “Children, study hard and make progress every day. Difficulties are only temporary.”At the same time, she also encouraged the children’s families to face the temporary difficulties with positive confidence and courage, set up lofty ideals for the children, let the children have the courage to face difficulties, do the strong life, with knowledge to change the fate, become the country’s useful talents in the future.In Pingyao town, every time the women’s Federation female volunteers visit a family, they will ask them in detail about their actual difficulties, working and living conditions, listen to their aspirations and aspirations, encourage sisters to face difficulties bravely, strive to get out of the plight of life, positive and optimistic face life.In the town of 100 zhang, 100 zhang village women’s federation chairman he Jinjin led a team visited the village of the elderly longevity, each to a household, and the elderly talk cordially, detailed inquiries about the life of the elderly, “aunt recently body condition is ok, must take care of yourself, the New Year is coming, I wish you a happy New Year”.At the same time, also for the old people to send a big “fu” word and condolence money, meaning the New Year of longevity, full of happiness.In Xianlin Street, ma Guoqin, the head of the executive Committee of the Women’s Federation, and party members and workers visited families of children who were staying in Hangzhou for the Spring Festival. They not only understood the family situation of each family, but also popularized the knowledge of fire fighting, traffic safety and epidemic prevention and control.In Yuhang district, a moving picture is warm staged, jingshan town women’s federation to the area of difficult women’s families, industry excellent women visited;Renhe Sub-district Women’s Federation led the caring sister to visit 5 single mother families, 2 poor worker families, 2 elderly families alone;The Women’s Federation of Daofenglian Community in Yuhang Street visited families of special children with micro-wish gifts and daily necessities.District forest water bureau women cadres in batches to bottle kiln town outside kiln village, Tangbu village, Fengdu village, Baizhang town Stone garden village, a total of 19 difficult families visited the village……Braving the cold, we went to the grassroots to talk with women in difficulties, ask the truth, inquire about their life and health conditions, and sent rice, oil and other condolence materials.Such heart-warming words and thoughtful greetings made the women sisters feel warm and moved. They all said that they would muster up the courage to live, actively face life and repay the care and help of the society with practical actions.The next step, Yuhang District women’s Federation will continue to play the role of women’s federation “mother family”, in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the sixth plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, timely understand and master the sisters’ difficult problems, troubles, practical solutions for them, improve the women’s sense of gain, happiness, security.