Jinjiang Purple hat to carry out post-festival fire safety inspection operations

2022-07-30 0 By

In the morning of February 14, Jinjiang Purple hat town security office, purple hat police station and other in-depth enterprise production workshop, on-site inspection of fire safety.Inspection team went to Xielong Ceramics Co., LTD., Xiamei fiber products Co., LTD., walked into the factory to view the workshop production safety and fire safety, and asked the enterprise responsible person after the festival fire safety work.On the spot, inspectors found that there were some safety hazards such as excessive stacking of goods and expired fire extinguishers in individual workshops. They issued rectification notices on the spot and required enterprises to rectify within a specified time limit to prevent safety accidents.”We must attach great importance to fire safety and never relax for a moment. In particular, we must do a good job in staff safety education and training, so that the responsibility, personnel and management are in place.”In view of the problems found, the inspection team requires that all companies should further clarify their responsibilities, focus on the troubleshooting of fire safety problems prone to occur, and strengthen the awareness of fire safety of all staff.(Reporter CAI Peiren correspondent Su Weijie) Source: Jinjiang News network