“Hard disk goddess” Chen Baolian fall history

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01 Some people lucky, is to use childhood to cure life, and unfortunate people, is to use a lifetime to cure childhood.Chen Baolian was one of the “four epileptics”.At the age of four, Chen bao-lian’s irresponsible mother sent her to live with her grandmother, the old Shanghai film star Wang Yi, in “Long Live my Wife.”Parents endless quarrel, let the young Chen Baolian was hurt, and even take Chen Baolian out, what people lack will want to pursue what, this is also become one of the things she wants all her life, family harmony.The quarrel ended in divorce, but no one wanted to be responsible for Chen Baolin.Was sent to the grandmother’s Chen Bailian blessing in disguise, rare to feel a kind of warmth, if life goes on like this, The trajectory of Chen Bailian’s life may be changed, but often life is not satisfactory.In the year when Chen Baolin was born, there was a woman born with the same frustrations as her, CAI Shaofen. After her parents divorced, CAI Shaofen lived with her mother and eldest brother, but CAI’s mother fell in love with gambling and owed a lot of debt.At that time, CAI Shaofen every day under the insult of strangers, door chasing debt, and ready to break the road, kept moving.At the age of 12, Chen Baolin was taken away by her mother from her grandmother, followed her mother to live, Chen Baolin’s heart still has a trace of nostalgia for her mother, but her mother broke her fantasy.In 1985, ye Yuqing participated in the beauty pageant at that time, and obtained good results, was the third runner-up, this Ye Yuqing is after and Chen Bailian called “hard disk three goddess” one.And this beauty thing, also let Chen Baolin’s mother saw some potential “business opportunities”, prompted her to take back Chen Baolin, Chen mother at this time, has moved to Hong Kong, but also caught the gambling, they also lived a displaced life at any time to run away.02 Have a small plan Chen mother back Chen Baolin, still very bad to Chen Baolin, really should that sentence, not all mothers love their children in the world.As Chen Bao Lian grew up, youth beauty and vitality, Chen mother hit the idea Chen Bao Lian body, 15 years old began, Chen Bao Lian began to do models, this model is relatively large scale, take the photos of sweet.In 1990, another miss Asia election began, that year’s Miss Asia election is very fierce, but also is not much of a year, Chen Baolin was forced to sign up Chen mother, but failed, that year’s champion is and Chen Baolin at the same age of Wu Qi Li.When all these people thought they had a bright future, Cheer Wu never imagined that nine years later she would get pregnant out of wedlock, give birth to Jackie’s daughter, and make Jackie say the same thing that every man makes.At that time, Hong Kong film circle was unusually prosperous, which was the prosperity of Hong Kong entertainment circle.There are all kinds of films. In 1990, The Judge of Death, in which Stephen Chow starred, set a box office record of 49.88 million Hong Kong dollars at that time. At this time, Stephen Chow gradually emerged in the comedy.In whole film market, “hard disk piece” it is cost smallest, the film that can obtain sudden profit at the same time, be addicted to the Chen mother that bets like life signs a contract privately for Chen Baolin “hard disk piece” company, and Chen Baolin still is doing her star dream.People who have worked with Her have said that she was very reluctant during filming, crying all the time on set and refusing to touch her co-stars.Chen Bailian wants to go, but the staff told her, the contract you have signed, can not go, you must shoot.Young Chen Baolian can only cry while filming.In this way, Chen Bailian patted many hard disk pieces, the scale is bigger and bigger.With her beautiful body and pretty face, Chen Bao-lian became famous, even with Yip Yu-ching and Yip-mei Chen Wei, the “three goddesses of hard drives” at that time.Profitful Chen mother, did not put Chen Baolian when his daughter, regardless of her death, for Chen Baolian took more than a “hard disk piece”.Chen Baolian can only bear silently, in her words, she is not a girl should do things, is not other people can bear things.The saddest thing is that the money from these films could not reach Chen Baolian’s hands at all, but was occupied and squandered by her mother.Chen Baolian led such an embarrassing life for her, at that time, many actresses in the film and television circle to the arms of the rich, living a luxurious life, luxury.In 1993, someone sent Chen’s film to Huang Renzhong, who was called one of the three ugly men in Taiwan, but he was very rich.He has four hobbies: beautiful women, fine wine, fast cars and great houses.He built mansions and custom-made beds just to live in luxury.He once said that women were the driving force in his life. He couldn’t even eat without them.At one time Chen Bao-lian also wanted to transition to other films, but these three – film contracts have not been finished, resulting in her unable to transition to other films.After huang Renzhong saw Chen Baolin’s film, he was surprised for Chen Baolin.Later, Huang Renzhong specially to about the Hong Kong entertainment circle friends for dinner, these friends specially to Chen Baolian to about out, so, Huang Renzhong and Chen Baolian met.That year Chen Baolin just over 20 years old, Huang Renzhong began to send a large number of valuables Chen Baolin, but Chen Baolin was not confused by these gifts, she refused these valuables.At that time Chen Baolin is madly in love with Mo Shaocong, but later Chen Baolin did not think, Mo Shaocong actually stepped on two boats, and then also entangled with a stewardess, so Chen Baolin was injured, became the fuse for two people to break up.The two later broke up.At that time Chen Baolin is really to Mo Shaocong to pay the truth, but her heart failed to change the heart, and these years of experience, let her more lack of security, this may also be one of the reasons she accepted Huang Ren, Huang Ren 33 years older than her.And Mo Shaocong break up, Huang Renzhong think the opportunity came, continue to want to eat with Chen Baolin, and Chen Baolin was in Shenzhen there is a show, afraid of time, refused huang Renzhong.Later Huang Renzhong said, “If I could pick you up for dinner in Hong Kong and send you back to Shenzhen in time for your performance, would you come?”‘Ok,’ Ms. Chen said absent-mindedly, ‘Mr. Huang then rented a helicopter directly from Hong Kong to pick her up for dinner and fly her back.’In the face of the offensive money, in fact, more than Chen Bailian, a lot of people are very difficult to control, especially from childhood bitter to big children.Sometimes I wonder if Her life would have been different if she had been born into a wealthy family.But life has no ifs.Let Chen Baolin finally accept huang Renzhong important reason there is another, Huang Renzhong said to Chen Baolin, he will use all the resources, let Chen Baolin become a real actor.For a hard disk film star, Chen Baolin’s biggest dream is to be able to take off clothes to wear back, can live decently, on this promise, and then Chen Baolin went to Taiwan without hesitation.And huang Ren in the side, at that time are around a lot of beauty, including Zhang Ai Jia, Lin Qingxia, Zhong Chuhong, Chen Chong and Huang Ren in the rumor.Huang Ren in this kind of crazy pursuit, Chen Baolin accepted, but for whether can become the only one in huang Ren that heart, Chen Baolin himself do not know.But always want to try, actually Chen Bailian, also had no retreat at all.Can only move forward without looking back.The beginning of 04 Huang Ren really for Chen Baolin is very concerned, with the help of Huang Ren, she got a role in “Nerve knife and Flying Cat”, this film has Zhang Xueyou, Zhang Manyu, Zhang Min.Later in 1994, at the age of 21, She even appeared in Stephen Chow’s Domestic Ling Ling Paint, in which aside from the main character Yuen Wing Yee, another amazing actress was Chen.Sometimes that’s the way fate works, when you think everything’s going to work out for you, but life doesn’t.Chen Bao-lian was treated for half a year because of illness, but the entertainment industry is changing rapidly, half a year later Chen Bao-lian lost the opportunity to transform again.The failure on career, let Chen Bao Lian begin to rely on Huang Ren zhong, just began huang Ren zhong very connivant Chen Bao Lian, include Chen Bao Lian drunk hit a person, all sorts of trouble, hit huang Renzhong’s new sweetheart small pan Pan even, huang Ren Zhong also did not dispute too much.But inevitably, the relation between two people begins unbalance, Chen Baolian to huang Renzhong special care, fear to lose Huang Renzhong, and Huang Renzhong is used to ten thousand flowers, when lost to Chen Baolian’s fresh feeling, do not lack beauty in huang Renzhong naturally tired.At this time Chen Bailian temperament change, all kinds of quarrels, began to abandon themselves, in the bar, street racing, even fighting, even her panel injury sewn 13 stitches.Huang renzhong even kicked Chen Baolian out of her home.He even began to self-harm frequently in the later period. He once cut his wrist at the premiere of The World of Perception.In March 1999, Chen Baolian asked to see Huang Renzhong, but Huang Renzhong refused to see her, out of control Chen Baolian sat at the door to die.Later, Huang Renzhong let her go abroad in order to make his life clean.Get the money Chen Bailian originally wanted to go to Japan, but was stopped by The Japanese customs, and then she took the money to Britain to spend, in Britain’s day is rich and colorful, in London and others were detained, and finally ran back from Britain.At this time Chen Bailian reputation completely destroyed, uncontrolled behavior, kept noisy, she and Blue Jieying, CAI Fenghua, Hung Chaofeng known as Hong Kong “four epilepsy king”.The Chen Bailian of mental breakdown also once tried to save oneself, take refuge even buddhist gate, escape these human life in succession disturb, but did not succeed after all, moved toward her unpredictable road of no return.In 2002, Chen Baolin was suddenly revealed to be pregnant for four months, but the child’s biological father is unknown.In July 2002, Chen Baolian jumped to her death in Shanghai.She was born in Shanghai and chose to end her life there.Leaving only half a month old baby at that time, Chen Baolin in the last of her life is still missing his Huang Ren zhong, even do not allow anyone to denigrate him.Huang Renzhong received the news of Chen Bailian’s death, tears streaming down his cheeks, but he felt clear conscience, he said he and Chen Bailian 50 times in bed, never exceeded the rules.But this Spring Festival, Huang renzhong’s home is still a party, singing and dancing.At this time Chen Baolian is not cold bones.It was not until Later that Huang renzhong was charged with tax evasion and jailed.In April 2004, Huang Renzhong died, he revised the next will before his death, to leave the jewelry to Chen Baolin, these jewelry Chen Baolin before do not want, but you are not wearing her wearing good-looking.However, it was already too late.After The death of Chen Baolian, there is a film company will she be disliked by people’s life, filmed into the film “the life of the Rare Brilliant star The A Eal”, and Chen Baolian is the three film debut Sun Yali.Sun was so scared when filming that he even looked in the mirror at night and felt that the person in the mirror did not look like him.Seven years after shooting the film, Sun committed suicide, as Chen did.It really is a trick of nature.Chen Baolin’s orphan Huang Yi has since been adopted by Faye Wong’s former manager Qiu Li Kuan, as his own, although he lost his birth mother, but he is still very happy.Conclusion:In fact Pauline chan and caishaofen life is very rough, in order to have a gambling debt, even caishaofen was once a member of the harem that Joseph lau, but two people’s life is very different, Pauline chan desperation under suicide, while caishaofen and sang happy, one of the important reasons is caishaofen believe his own life, to strive, not by man.Like Chen Baolian will write, her short life, 15 years old has been doomed, we only pay attention to her appearance and figure, is her biggest sorrow, her life the most yearning affection and love, but beg but not, both lost.This is disgusting Chen Baolian’s life, the deceased has passed away, I hope she rest in peace.PS: The picture is from the Internet. 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