Chinese New Year letter from President Zeng Junliang to all beishi students

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Teachers, students, parents, alumni at home and abroad, friends from all walks of life: Happy New Year!2022, Beijing welcomes you, together to the future!Under the five rings, snowflakes flying lightly;Inside and outside the Great Wall, the earth is covered with snow.The Beijing Winter Olympics will be held in time for the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Tiger.On the occasion of the Approaching of the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics, ON behalf of the leadership team of Beishi Group, I would like to extend my warmest greetings and best wishes to you!Fourteen years ago, we lit the blazing torch for the Beijing Olympic Games in Beijing and realized the Century-old Olympic dream of the Chinese nation.Seven years ago, we made an appointment with the world to pursue our dreams.In a few days, we will witness Beijing become the world’s first “Double Olympic City”, marking a new milestone in Olympic history.The Chinese people are warmly welcoming guests and friends from all over the world with open arms, which fully demonstrates the outstanding style of a civilized and courteous country.Let us extend our best wishes to the distinguished guests and outstanding ice and snow athletes and coaches from all over the world who have come to China to overcome the epidemic.The world is looking to China, and China is ready.China will surely present a simple, safe and splendid Olympic Games to the world, instill more confidence and strength in a world beset by the epidemic, and sing the strongest voice of solidarity and friendship among mankind.”Cow leave reap a bumper harvest with wax, tiger’s Anne harbinger to”, in 2021, is a very special time, in the face of sporadic outbreaks repeatedly, seriously implement the party central committee and the State Council in our school and city leaders request, insist on people first, the concept of life is the highest, pay attention to the normalization and epidemic prevention, do it outside the input, the rebound, always put the teachers’ and students’ safety and health in the first place,This will encourage beishi people to continue to write a new chapter of charm education, and realize the steady and long-term school education.”Ox has been supplemented by thousands of satin brocade, the year of the tiger more than hundreds of floors”, 2021, fortunately, with you!In the past year, at all levels of leaders and experts, under the care and support of the people all north fully implement the party’s education policy, education simultaneously Friday, passionate struggle, overcome difficult, in inheriting Chinese excellent traditional culture and carry forward the Xiong Xiling education thought, on the basis of overall young charm high integration of 15 years in the early education and comprehensive reform experiment,By exploring the universal law of China’s modern basic education, the school work has achieved a new leap, and charm education has exerted an important influence in the city, district and even the whole country.The university continues the red gene, carries forward the great spirit of party building, and further strengthens the political responsibility and demonstration leading role;Maintaining strategic focus, the school has been promoted to achieve innovative development as a whole, and opened a new era of comprehensively creating an excellent brand of charming education.Over the past year,CCTV, the central education television, Beijing television station, the People’s Daily, the China Daily, the China education newspaper, Chinese teachers newspaper “modern education newspaper” the Beijing daily, the Beijing evening news “people’s education” “educator” “Chinese elite” “school education in China” “Beijing education” haidian education and learning power, the People’s Daily net, xinhua net,China Daily, China Education News network, People’s Teachers Network, Haijiao Thinking and other mainstream media of the central and Beijing have reported the new achievements of Beishi charm education series for dozens of times.The school continues to enrich the ideological connotation and lead the development of future education.Teachers in the district, the city, more than national newspapers and magazines published glamour course, charm, charm method more than 100 research papers, Chinese contemporary educator series “education Zeng Jun good and beauty” counterpart – the charm of education Fiercely “glamour teachers” glamour classroom “glamour to the future” education “to the teacher’s advice:A series of charming education monographs have been published.China Daily has published 107 articles on the special column of Zeng Junliang, president of Beishi Education Group, which comprehensively, systematically and creatively discusses the idea of charm education and constantly pushes forward the new thinking of charm education reform theory.To strengthen the research consciousness, improve the quality of school education, and school scientific research work has made important breakthroughs, the school won the “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in Beijing foundation education course construction advanced unit”, “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in Beijing education scientific research advanced school”, “national advanced unit of scientific research hing school” in 2021, the comprehensive school scientific research evaluation column area, city the forefront.The series of innovative explorations of charming courses, charming classes, charming teachers, charming learning methods, charming students, charming activities, charming home-school co-education and charming environment have achieved significant results.The school promotes the simultaneous development of five education programs, effectively implements double reduction, helps children develop throughout their life, and cultivates Outstanding Chinese talents.In this year’s college entrance examination and high school entrance examination, the schools in the group have achieved a high standard of their own, realizing the perfect combination of quality education and college entrance education, comprehensively improving the core quality of students, not only responsible for each child today, but also laying a foundation for their lifelong development and happy growth.The school has been awarded as “New Brand School of Haidian District”, “Charm School of China”, “Outstanding Contribution Award for Equalization of Quality Education in Beijing” and other honorary titles.Expand education Group, undertake the mission of national revitalization.Important progress has been made in the national Alliance of charming education brand schools, with sanhe campus and Shunyi Campus successively built.Charm education has gradually moved to a number of charm education experimental schools in Linxia City, Gansu Province, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, Datong City, Shanxi Province, Chongqing High-tech Zone, Danjiangkou City, Hubei Province, Shangjie District, Henan Province, Zhongmou County and so on. The effective transfer and radiation influence of charm education is increasingly strengthened.The school’s achievements have been highly recognized and widely praised by the superior leaders and all walks of life, and the charm education brand has been formed, which promotes the new journey of comprehensively creating the excellent brand of Beishi Charm Education Group.As a Chinese saying goes, “Beautiful scenery comes with spring, and good achievements come with diligence.” 2022 is another year for China to embark on a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. It is also the second year of beishi’s new centenary and “Third Five-year Plan”.I hope that the teachers will study hard with the spirit of seizing every minute and waiting for no time, and work hard with the energy of grasping iron and leaving imprint on stone, so as to become practical, compound and research-oriented teachers in the new era.To strengthen the “five education”, implement moral education, promote the reform of the way of education, strive to be a good example of teachers, noble moral character, continue to write a moving chapter of teaching and educating people, which is exactly the centennial spirit of Xiangci passed on from generation to generation and will grow stronger with time.I hope our lovely children, remember the teachers’ teachings, learn to be grateful for life, firm ideals and beliefs, cherish time more, study hard, improve learning methods, be good at cooperation and enterprising, make progress in their studies, and improve their comprehensive quality significantly;We hope our friends, parents continue to focus on the charm of north of real education, propaganda, in support of the school education reform, respect the child’s healthy growth demand, pay attention to the children of self-care, self-supporting ability to ascend, achieve parent-school science produced, the escort for the children’s happy growth, give the child a more sense of ceremony, the more wonderful childhood!Dear alumni from home and abroad, no matter in China or abroad, you have paid close attention and supported our Alma mater selflessly, and made outstanding contributions to the development of charm education of our school. Beishi is your home, please come back and visit us often.”Listen to the sound of the river flowing in spring, time does not live up to people’s dreams.”Teachers, students, parents and friends, alumni from home and abroad!The Olympic Movement not only pursues “swifter, Higher and Stronger”, but also advocates “greater unity”. The Theme slogan of the Beijing Winter Olympics is “Together for the Future”, which is in the same line.Standing in the history of the “two one hundred” intersection, comprehensive create charm excellence brand new journey has open education group, new era, new achievements, the real all the cadres and teachers will be unity, tree prison “four consciousness”, “four confidence”, “two maintenance”, continue to adhere to the “plan, the plan of party of the” strategic positioning,Adhere to the “yucai” as the party’s education, as countries of beginner’s mind mission, adhere to the “promotion pattern, service the big picture,” the era of the bear, carry forward the “have the courage to bear, is good at beyond” north solid spirit, adhere to the “innovation, the pursuit of excellence” forge ahead, to create “haidian window leading, Beijing, China, the level of the world” demonstration of international school,Create an outstanding new brand of Chinese basic education modernization, contribute “North real strength” to further run charm education that the people are satisfied with, and welcome the victory of the party’s “20th National Congress” with excellent results!Finally, I would like to congratulate everyone on the New Year: wish all the teachers a happy life, a happy family and a qixiang work!Wish the students physical and mental health, academic progress, growth!Wish the alumni family health, career prospects, the year of the Tiger prosperity!Best wishes to all leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life who care and care about Beishi in the Year of the Tiger, peace and happiness!Beijing Experimental School Charm Education Group principal Zeng Junliang 2022 New Year’s Eve