Why 4S shop would rather not charge interest, also want to persuade you to borrow a car?Calculate a bill you understand!

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With the improvement of people’s living standards, the modes of travel have become more diversified.For example, people who used to have to choose only public transportation now have more high-quality means of transportation, such as driving their own cars.Anyone who has ever bought a car will feel the same way.Many 4S shops would rather not charge any interest, but also let people borrow money to buy a car.Why do 4S shops insist on doing this?Have you ever wondered why?Let’s see.Perhaps many people have not thought about buying a car through loans before approaching 4S shops.Once entering the 4S shop, the sales staff will recommend the use of loans to buy cars when they find someone who has the intention of buying cars.Why is that?Some 4S shop sales staff will also recommend a zero-interest loan.While this may seem like a good deal, some people have some doubts.Would a salesman make a loss-making deal and ask a customer to take out a loan rather than make a profit himself?As a profit-making enterprise, 4S stores will not let themselves lose money.In fact, the reason is that 4S stores will strive to create more profit space while ensuring profits.The sales staff strongly recommend buying a car with a loan, and the profits of 4S shops will be higher in this way.Let’s say the consumer buys a $300,000 car.If the consumer agrees with the salesperson’s advice, choose to use the loan to buy the car.So, the consumer only needs to put down 30 percent of the deposit, the remaining 70 percent of the total loan.4S shops can charge corresponding financial service fees when helping consumers to apply for auto loans.At present, the amount of financial service fee is mainly about 3% of the loan amount. If the consumer takes out a loan of 210,000 yuan, the 4S shop can charge a financial service fee of 6,300 yuan.When the consumer loan is successful, banks and financial institutions will also give 4S interest.This part of the income is generally about 3% of the total loan, so the 4S shop will have an income.In this way, every consumer who takes out a loan to buy a car, THE 4S shop will have thousands of yuan.Generally speaking, consumers buy cars in 4S shops.Once you choose to use the loan to buy a car, the 4S shop will ask you to handle the car insurance.Some 4S stores will directly choose the way of bundling marketing, car insurance attached to the auto business.In other words, when a consumer takes out a loan to buy a car, the car insurance goes into effect.From the point of view of consumers, whether it is borrowing or buying car insurance, it is a matter of piggybacking.However, from the point of view of 4S stores, consumers buy auto insurance in the store, there is a lot of income.According to data, once consumers buy auto insurance in 4S shops.Then the insurance company will give the 4S shop the corresponding rebate point.Generally speaking, the insurance company to 4S shop rebate point, has exceeded the purchase of 45 percent of the expense reimbursement.In other words, when consumers buy auto insurance in 4S shops, half of the income goes into the pockets of 4S shops.Although each person chooses different amount of car insurance, for most new cars, the premium is about 8,000 yuan, that is to say, THE 4S shop can earn about 4,000 yuan.Moreover, the profit sold by 4S stores is not calculated according to individual cars, but by calculating all the orders of cars sold.In other words, as the 4S shop sells more vehicles, the corresponding income will be more.If you just rely on full-model car sales, in fact, 4S shops can not make any money.Especially the older models, 4S shops are basically losing money.In this way, in addition to completing their own performance, all car salesmen in 4S shops also need to complete the corresponding loan purchase order.Three, zero interest how to make money by calculating an account, let consumers know how 4S shop through loans to buy cars to make money.In addition, 4S stores can also make money by car insurance.Now some people will have doubts, 4S shop launched a zero interest car business.This kind of car purchase business does not require consumers to bear additional interest, and 4S shops can also receive corresponding discounts.Is that really the case?Conclusion first, 4S shops must be profitable.After all are open business, which can let oneself do business at a loss?If the 4S shop has no revenue, how can the sales staff keep recommending it?In fact, 4S shops are not banks and cannot handle loans for consumers.In this way, THE 4S shop can only handle it through the bank.The bank deals with loan also is not do casually to the person.If consumers want to buy a car through a loan, they need to provide corresponding proof first.Such as asset proof, credit report and so on.After the consumer submits the corresponding report, has to wait patiently for the bank staff’s review.If the materials are approved, the consumer will soon receive the loan information from the bank.If the audit does not pass, also need to timely supplement the corresponding documents.The bank lending process is more complex, if the 4S shop can not profit from it, is it not in vain?Originally, the sales staff mouth zero interest, is not not interest.However, the interest charged by the bank does not need to be borne by consumers, but by the car manufacturer or 4S shop.The reason why sales personnel recommend zero-interest car purchase to consumers is that they hope to get higher commission through loans.In fact, the actual cost of choosing to buy a car with a loan is higher than that of buying a car with a full payment. For example, if you can buy a car with a full payment of 300,000 yuan, the loan costs 330,000 yuan.Not only that, consumers need to pay their loans on time every month.If the car loan is not returned within the specified period, not only the credit investigation of consumers will be affected, the purchased vehicle will also have the risk of being taken back.This is a lot of work and money.If the consumer has sufficient funds, it is recommended to directly choose the full purchase.If the hands of limited funds, or can choose to use loans to buy a car.Although it costs more than buying a full-price car, it is a win-win to spend less money to buy the car you like first.No matter how savvy consumers are, they are no better at calculating returns than salespeople.All say that buy not sell fine, if in all aspects of the condition is not very abundant, or choose to listen to the advice of the sales staff.After all, as professionals, they can be trusted 80% of the time.Conclusion: Many people may have a question, why would the sales staff of 4S shops urge consumers to use loans to buy cars?Perhaps some people clearly allow, can buy a car in full, and finally did not live by the advice of the sales staff, but chose to buy a car loan.Why do 4S shop salesmen try to persuade consumers to buy cars with loans?In fact, the main reason is that if the 4S shop recommends a loan to buy a car, it can earn two sums of money, one is the financial service fee, the other is the rebate from the bank or financial institution.As long as a successful recommendation of a consumer with a loan to buy a car, the 4S shop will earn at least several thousand yuan, which is certainly a good deal.Not only that, there are sales staff recommended zero interest car.From the point of view of sales staff, it can also improve the commission income.Do you guys know now?Would you take out a loan to buy a car?Welcome to the discussion.Disclaimer: if the content of the article involves the content of the works, copyright pictures or other problems, please contact the author within 30 days, if the reflection is true, we will delete the responsibility of the article at the first time.This article is for reference only and does not constitute any investment or application advice.