What happened to the “koi girl” after winning 100 million yuan?Three comebacks and three failures

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Isaac Disly once said, “Action may not always bring luck, but there is no luck in inaction.”There is no such thing as luck that comes from nowhere. There is no such thing as pie that falls from the sky, and almost none of it will happen to you if you don’t work hard enough.Everyone is eager to be lucky, but we should also ask ourselves: whether they are qualified to enjoy this unique lucky?Letter small stay is the past prize 100 million “koi girl”, but such “koi” what on earth to bring her?Is it a rambling trip or a wrong choice that will ruin your future?The network is a space of mixed fish and dragons originally, some people benefit because of this, but also not a few of disastrous.Forwarding lottery, basic has become a dimly discernible routine.However, because of the attractive place after success, many people will “grasp the nettle”.Letter small stay is such a person.What happened to the “koi girl” after winning $100 million?Before the National Day in 2018, Alipay launched an extremely attractive event — a prize worth up to 100 million yuan.Netizens began to like, forward and so on.Through a “contend for” hind, grand prize 100 million hit letter small foolish head.Hence the name “Chinese koi carp”.The excitement went to her head and she posted: ‘Will I have to quit working for the rest of my life?Many netizens began to “suck good luck”, and the letter small stay also had a high popularity.Suddenly became an “Internet celebrity”.Net red is not so easy to when, need to update the amount, but also need good works.With that said, she quit her job and tried to transition into a travel blogger.After the Spring Festival, she went out to play with her friends, and at the same time, she was updating her Vlog diary.Slowly, “Chinese koi” is noticed by more and more advertising brands.They have also invited the letter to shoot at a high price, which also let the letter stay more firmly believe that their choice is not wrong.But if there is a “Chinese koi” possession, it is only temporary.The Times need innovation, is not dead hold once heat can last a lifetime.After a while, her fever decreased markedly.And the number of plays is not as good as expected.She realized this herself, and instead of improving her own abilities, she “quit.”Just like that, her career as a travel blogger was over.Some people may say, she is rich, she can quit at will, but she can also live a good life.But the facts hit her in the head.With little savings left, she said she wanted to return to the life of ordinary people.Maybe we’ll wonder: what happened to the 100 million?But we don’t know: 100 million, so to speak, is just a gimmick.She even maxed out her credit cards, didn’t get enough sleep and spent several days in the hospital while cashing in the prize.People tend to enjoy a rich life and it’s hard to return to the ordinary.For the letter small stay, it is also true.All is said and done.At that time, she did not choose the simple lifestyle, but “go for it”.But is this “fight” meaningful?In September 2020, she returned to the Internet after a long absence.Yes, she has launched her own career as an Internet celebrity.She released a “forwarding lottery” activity, although the prize value is not 100 million, but also let many ordinary people envy.Five million, plus a house and a car.The campaign has also caused quite a stir on the Internet, with netizens reposting it and even quitting their jobs to “wait for 5 million yuan”.But the campaign soon fizzled out.The reason was that the organizer of the event even received a warning for stealing the name of another company.Five million? That’s a lot of money.The net friend forwarded round the clock dozen water drifts, still have resigned to wait at home.Sure, Nerdy doesn’t want to pay out of her own pocket, let alone if she has.Her reputation took a nosedive, shutting down the “Internet celebrity” channel.”No way, or peace of mind to find a job!””She thought after her second failure.But she has been out of the workforce for two years, from 2018 to 2020.She was momentarily overwhelmed by the changing times.All sorts of bad luck, she also realized herself: she has been out of touch with society.At 30, with no money and no job, is this the life she wants?”She often asked herself.Reflecting on the past, but also let her mood more and more heavy, in the long run, there are emotional problems.2021 is not so much a summation as a sell-out.Xinxiaodai said in the video that his work and life are not smooth, there is no financial source, and even detected depression tendency.The video has certainly gained her popularity again, with many netizens saying that perhaps this is the importance of choice.Chose one hundred million grand prize, disrupted his original normal life, this business now looks, not cost-effective.Of course, it is also because of the behavior before the letter small stay, many net friends or guess: she may want to come back.Perhaps she had a guilty conscience, so she responded by saying that she did not “hype” and could not afford “hot search”.Verbal responses didn’t go far, and she even re-posted a video explaining the incident.Apparently, she didn’t want to lose the chance to make another profit while the heat was on.They say no, but their actions are clear.In the “sell miserably” period, actually live again take goods.It also confirms the label of “inconsistency between words and deeds.”But, in the end, it wasn’t worth it.Perhaps their ability is really limited, the choice of goods reputation is not good, they did not get any profit.Three comebacks, three failures.She may not be suitable when “net red”, after all, by selling miserable is never possible to establish a foothold.There is also good news about Xinxiaostay, she has passed the teaching certificate.Perhaps through this series of struggles and setbacks, she also realized her own shortcomings.Instead of entering a field that is not suitable for you and living a life that is criticized, it is better to make solid efforts to realize your own value.Fortunately, the letter has not been small to stay “koi” paralysis himself.Think about it: if she thinks of herself as “koi” all the time, she’s really ruining her career.Looking at her now step by step in the direction of good development, I believe that netizens are also very gratified.This also sounded the alarm to everyone: “small cheap” a lot of, covet its opportunities are also a lot of, but to learn to choose their own way.Standing still, is the most wrong choice.With long-term development in exchange for petty profits, it is a bit too much to lose!For more exciting content, come to the Good word Entertainment