Under the epidemic situation, how can Zhejiang ensure the supply and order of farmers’ markets during the Spring Festival?

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As the Spring Festival approaches, zhejiang has an outbreak of COVID-19.As of 14:00 on January 27, a total of 14 local confirmed cases had been reported in Zhejiang, all in Hangzhou.Is “A bite of Spring Festival” still guaranteed in Zhejiang during the epidemic?On January 27th afternoon, silver persimmon financial journalist COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work in zhejiang province from the 101th learned, at a news conference on the farmer’s market, at present, zhejiang has set up 180 farmers’ market price monitoring point, establish a supervision mechanism, prevention and control of normalized and relying on the “zhejiang market online”, daily epidemic prevention and control of commodity market for online implementation.”Farmers’ markets are the main channel to guarantee people’s vegetable baskets.”At the conference, Ma Jianping, an inspector of zhejiang Market Supervision Bureau, introduced three measures to ensure the order of market supply and trading during the festival.First, the establishment of a daily management system, so that the common people buy at ease.All farmers’ markets should strictly implement food safety supervision and management systems such as purchase inspection, certificate and ticket request, traceability, rapid qualitative testing, daily sampling inspection, and test results publicity to ensure food safety.Second, we will improve the food traceability mechanism so that people can feel at ease when buying food.Zhejiang Farmers and Trade market has started two digital systems, “Zhejiang Cold Chain” and “Zhejiang Food Chain”, to implement the food traceability system, to trace back the food found problems.In addition, through the “five modernization” transformation of farmers’ markets, Zhejiang has been equipped with 15,268 food safety traceability electronic scales, on-site production and sales of food fully implement “sunshine”.Third, we will strengthen monitoring of supply and price stability to ensure that people feel comfortable buying goods.Give full play to the role of zhejiang province farmers’ market comprehensive management platform, collect and monitor the price information of the province’s 1898 farmers’ markets and 13 kinds of main agricultural products every day, strengthen the supply risk analysis and judgment of important agricultural and sideline products and price fluctuation early warning.According to statistics, Zhejiang has set up 180 farmers market price monitoring points.In addition, Ma jianping said that zhejiang Market Supervision Bureau has set up a special team for epidemic prevention and control, which is responsible for the comprehensive coordination of epidemic prevention and control in the province’s market supervision system, the prevention and control of cold chain food and commodity markets, and the establishment of information reporting, emergency response, inspection and rectification and other working mechanisms.It is understood that Zhejiang has formulated and issued the “Guide for Epidemic Prevention and Control in Farmers’ Markets version 2.0”, requiring local market supervision departments to urge market organizers to further strict epidemic prevention and control in farmers’ markets under the overall guidance of local joint prevention and control mechanism.Relying on “Zhejiang Market Online”, online inspection was carried out on the implementation of epidemic prevention and control in commodity markets, and intelligent photographing was carried out to check the irregular wearing of masks.