“To Linping District to Hangzhou a ‘big praise’!”A thank-you letter was sent to the linpyeong Canal Street quarantine center

2022-07-29 0 By

“Is your busy schedule to give us blessing, is you give up rest for our service, is you take the initiative to fight the virus for dedication…Point ‘big praise’ to Linping District and Hangzhou city.”Staff at the Canal Street centralised quarantine recently received a thank-you letter that delighted them with a few short sentences.Mr. Wu, who wrote this letter, became a sub-close contact when he had dinner with his relatives. After learning the news, he volunteered to cooperate and went to the centralized quarantine point in The Canal street for 14 days.Before lifting the quarantine, Mr. Wu wrote a special letter of thanks to the staff who took good care of them.During the quarantine period, the staff in charge of the centralized quarantine point on canal Street carefully arranged every detail from personnel deployment, quarantine and disinfection to food preparation, packaging and distribution.They monitor the temperature of quarantined people every day to understand their physical conditions and provide psychological counseling…One by one, the actions and details made Mr. Wu from Quzhou feel the warmth of the city more deeply from the initial nervousness and inability to adapt to gradually feel at ease.At present, there are more than 20 staff in the centralized isolation point, who have a clear division of labor, shoulder health monitoring, environmental eradication, logistics support, mood counseling and other responsibilities, and can not leave their posts for at least 14 days during the duty.”On New Year’s Eve, we gave a ‘red envelope’ to everyone in quarantine to encourage them to fight the epidemic bravely and tide over the difficulties together.”Zhang Yu, who is in charge of the site, said of the origin of the thank-you note: “Receiving the ‘gift in return’ made us feel that our emotional investment was rewarded.”