Still thinking about the opening ceremony?Zhang Yimou has “revealed the plot” of the closing ceremony

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“Last night, the torch and lighting ceremony of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games surprised many people. I think it is an innovation and a change.”Zhang Yimou, general director of the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, commented on the historic moment when the torch was lit at a press conference held by the International Olympic Committee and the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee on February 5.The cauldron was lit.In addition to the ethereal implicit Chinese aesthetics, but also to offer warmth and moving why the main torch platform design into a smart “snow”?Zhang yimou said that Chinese aesthetics is subtle and ethereal, and pays attention to the blank style of “one is as good as ten”. A snowflake brings together the names of participating countries around the world and holds the torch in the air, which reflects inclusiveness and the concept of “low carbon and environmental protection”.”There is a saying in China that a single spark can start a prairie fire.”At the press conference, Zhang yimou said that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be held in the form of a small fire. The small torch reminds people of the surprise when ancient people discovered the flame, hoping that it will be passed on from generation to generation.”A little fire is not a little fire. I think it’s beautiful and it goes back to the origin of our humanity. It’s also a manifestation of the Olympic spirit.”Zhang yimou said the cauldron was lit.In addition to the innovative design of “Snowflake” and “Micro Fire”, all performers and artists worked together to create the opening ceremony, which embodies the concept of “together towards the future”.”There are many creative ideas in the opening ceremony that hope to show the unity of mankind. Our world is in a difficult moment today. We hope to offer warmth and touching performance to everyone,” Zhang said.”The perfect coordination of 3,000 student performers and state-of-the-art technical facilities in the Bird’s Nest stadium was a very important feature of our performance and a big challenge for our team,” he said.Chang Yu, director of the Opening and closing ceremonies department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.Opening ceremony scene Chang Yu introduced at the press conference, the opening ceremony ground LED floor screen of 11600 square meters, is a very huge broadcasting system.Because the screen rendering quality quality is very high, so can’t found at the scene of the audience, to broadcast on the same screen is divided into four window, is composed of the four window zero delay the same picture, the audience and the television audience see no difference, behind it is to the quality of the LED screen control and broadcast system optimization.The lifting of the Icecube, the appearance of the Olympic rings and the appearance of the snowflake, the main torch, were all important technical elements.In addition, the team did a lot of design on small details.Chang Yu introduced, such as in the theme song link, in every innocent children’s feet, there is a shining snowflake, “our children ran to where, the snowflake will follow them to where, very clever.”According to Chang yu, this is the final result of integrating real-time capture technology, real-time rendering and real-time playback on the LED screen.”As a matter of fact, after the opening ceremony ended last night, we immediately switched gears and started preparing for the closing ceremony in all aspects, including the venue.”Zhang said that unlike the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Bird’s Nest stadium will not be used for the 2022 Winter Olympics, and the team can focus on the closing ceremony, hoping to present a happy closing ceremony after the opening ceremony.”In the Winter Olympics, the athletes are the masters, and the closing ceremony will serve the athletes more. I hope the athletes will have a happy and complete mood at the end of the Olympic Games and say goodbye to everyone.”Zhang yimou said.Conference, zhang also revealed an important news, Beijing will set up a key, the closing ceremony of the 2022 in the bird’s nest the only double the opening and closing ceremonies venues, zhang yimou team will present excellent “double the moment”, “hope a through history, through everyone’s feeling, hope this moment will become a bright spot.”Zhang yimou said.Photo by Science and Technology Daily reporter He Liang. Edited by Liu Yiyang. Reviewed by Zhu Li