Meteorological department research and development of a number of products winter Olympics weather forecast to achieve 100 meters of minute level

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China Meteorological Administration held a press conference on February 2022 yesterday.Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the scene that the meteorological department has strengthened scientific and technological research and capacity building of observation, forecast and service, researched and refined forecast and early warning technologies for the games, developed a number of forecast products, achieved a number of zero breakthroughs in meteorological science and technology, and provided meteorological guarantee for the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Among them, the meteorological department for the first time to achieve the “100-meter level, minute level” operational weather forecast capability, and established a forecast service system.According to Qu Xiaobo, chief meteorological officer of the Beijing Winter Olympics and deputy director of the Beijing Meteorological Bureau, in terms of meteorological conditions, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be the first to be held under continental winter monsoon climate.The characteristics of continental winter monsoon climate, such as cold, strong wind, dry, little precipitation and large temperature change, pose a severe test to the meteorological service guarantee of Beijing Winter Olympic Games.In view of the meteorological service guarantee of previous Winter Olympics, there is no mature and fully applicable portable technical scheme in the world for Beijing Winter Olympics.Therefore, meteorological services for the Beijing Winter Olympics are challenging and difficult to tackle. Many technologies can be said to start from scratch.It is understood that compared with the Summer Olympic Games, the Winter Olympic Games are more dependent on weather conditions, mainly reflected in the outdoor environment is often more complex, the weather factors affecting the event is more difficult to forecast, the launch of the event on the precision of the forecast time requirements.Taking alpine skiing course as an example, the competition environment is short in horizontal distance and large in vertical drop.In reality, every 100 meters of altitude difference can make a huge difference in weather conditions;Over a ridge, something else may have happened.Therefore, for the weather forecast, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the competition guarantee in the face of many tests such as “one day changes four seasons” and “ten different days” in the complex mountainous terrain.Different events have different requirements on the threshold of meteorological conditions, so it is necessary to monitor and forecast wind, temperature, visibility, rain and snow phases and other factors.In particular, the wind field of the snow sports track is highly mutated. If the sun shines for a while, or a cloud floats over, the wind will change.Athletes are easily affected by the longitudinal wind and transverse wind in the course of high-speed sliding.According to Qu Xiaobo, with the Winter Olympics venue as the core, meteorological authorities organized and carried out the winter multi-dimensional comprehensive meteorological observation experiment under complicated terrain for the first time in China’s mid-latitude mountainous areas. A total of 441 sets of modern three-dimensional observation facilities were built in the urban area of Beijing, Yanqing, Chongli and its surrounding areas.The integrated, three-dimensional, second-level and multi-factor meteorological monitoring of the Winter Olympics has been realized.Among them, yanqing Haituo mountain meteorological observation system to achieve a breakthrough from scratch.In order to promote the games are a weather forecast ability, meteorological department set up the mountain weather forecast the core team, in accordance with “a strategy” the strategy “” a service request, in Beijing and hebei province meteorological department as the main body, from the national meteorological center, national unit and Inner Mongolia, shanxi, heilongjiang and jilin provinces of meteorological department reassigns the business backbone personnel 52 people,In Beijing, Yanqing, Zhangjiakou and the operation command center of boCOG, a forecasting team will be formed to serve athletes, coaches and event organizers.At the same time, the team has carried out field forecasting training in the competition area for five consecutive years in winter and sent people to watch the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games on site.It is one of the core technologies of winter Olympics weather forecast to realize “100-meter scale, minute scale” small scale mountain weather forecast for the first time.After several rounds of technical research, meteorological department for the first time business “hundreds of meters, minutes” weather forecast ability, build the beijing-tianjin-hebei area 500 meters resolution, the games are the core hill field area of 100 m resolution, by 10 minutes fast update system of numerical weather prediction model, and based on forecast service system is established,Providing seamless and refined grid forecasting products from short proximity (0-1 hour) to extended period (30 days), ai technology plays a role in wind forecasting in the core area of the Winter Olympics.Qu xiabo explained that the 100-meter scale is a spatial distance. After dividing the atmosphere into several grids, a 100-meter scale is equivalent to a 100-meter grid, which means that in the future, no matter where you are in the geographical position, you can find a suitable forecast point within a radius of less than 100 meters.In the past, the resolution in Beijing and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region was one kilometer, and in urban areas it was 500 meters.Through the technical personnel to solve the key problems, efforts to improve the spatial resolution to 100 meters level, is a relatively big breakthrough.The minute scale is equivalent to updating the latest forecast every 10 minutes.Daily forecasts are available for half a day, one day, or one hour.The weather service can now provide new forecasts every 10 minutes, depending on service demand.In addition, the meteorological department has built an information network to support meteorological services in the three competition areas of Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, providing inter-connected, data-sharing and mutual-backup meteorological data services for the Winter Olympics, and realizing multi-point and flexible on-site video consultations.A winter Olympics weather service website will be set up to meet the public’s demand for weather services for watching and traveling.During the Winter Olympics, the meteorological department will provide high-quality meteorological services to meet the different needs of “competition”, “protection” and “observation”.Meteorological science and technology achievements After the game continue to service Xiao-bo qu, Beijing Olympics, the preparatory work is already fully ready, the meteorological department will go all out into the games meteorological service security work, strive for to precision of monitoring, accurate forecast, fine service, as “contracted but not simple” fu can weather the games events in the connotation,For the “safety without blind areas” of the Winter Olympics event to shoulder the meteorological responsibility, for the “wonderful not discounted” winter Olympics event to make meteorological contributions.After the End of the Winter Olympics, these hard-won achievements in meteorological science and technology will continue to play a role in five aspects: first, the winter Olympics meteorological “eye” — the establishment of a three-dimensional mountain meteorological observation system;Second, the winter Olympics meteorological “division” — training mountain weather forecast technology team;Third, the winter Olympics meteorological “platform” — the establishment of mountain meteorological service support platform;Fourth, the winter Olympics meteorological “technology” — research mountain meteorological occurrence and development mechanism;Fifth, the meteorological “fruit” of the Winter Olympics — to expand the application of mountain meteorological services, to provide solid support for the development of snow and ice economy and more people to participate in snow and ice sports.Article/Our reporter Zhao Tingting