Hong Kong, China, beat Zhang Benzata 3-0 to advance to the semifinals of mixed doubles.

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WTT Singapore Grand Slam is going on, in the quarterfinals of mixed doubles just finished, Huang Zhenting Du Kai from Hong Kong, China, plays well, sweeping Away Zhang Benzhi and Hina Hayata from Ping Japan 3-0, and smoothly advancing to the quarterfinals!For this pair from Hong Kong, China, everyone is very familiar with, although Du Kai, Huang Zhenting says that the current world ranking is not the highest, but the strength of TA has already been proved!Back in 2019, they defeated xu Xin and Liu Shiwen at the Korea Open, the only tournament xu Xin and Liu Shiwen had ever lost on the international stage.Zhang benzhi and Hina Hayata are also a very powerful pair. They are currently ranked second in the world, just behind Chinese Taipei and ahead of the two Chinese ping pairs.During the Paris Olympic cycle, with the retirement of Mizutani Hayabusa and the breakup of mizutani and ITO’s partnership, Ping Has clearly established zhang Benzhi and Hina Hayata as the core of the mixed doubles, and they have repeatedly achieved good results in international competitions!At last year’s World Table Tennis Championships in Houston, she reached the final and won a silver medal.This Japanese pair should be the main rivals in the Paris Olympic cycle.This game, The Combination of Hong Kong, China is like a rainbow, come up with a big score 2-0 lead!In the third game, Zhang benzhi hit a sideways forehand out of bounds.After Hina Hayata serves, Zhang Ben connects the net and goes out, the Japanese pair is 2-5 down, the Chinese Hong Kong pair leads 8-4 in the middle set!Zhang benzhi and backhand shot out, but then made an official diagonal shot to make it 5-9;Backhand winner Huang Zhenting pulls through Hayata Hina to win match point.Zhang benzhi and backhand back one point, 6-10 down!Both sides short, Zhang benzhi and forehand pull up the diagonal, but the landing point is given to Huang Zhenting, huang Zhenting backhand straight horizontal pull a diagonal score, 11-6 win!As a result, The Hong Kong pair of China swept the Japanese pair 3-0 to advance to the mixed doubles semifinals.Zhang Benzhi and men’s singles and men’s doubles were eliminated, Hayata Hina and women’s singles and women’s doubles projects!