“Examiner X” dream still self-absorbed test drive audi R8

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“Sources:| Car call beast ID:Dr – Che “click to view a complete video of the super sports car in the car market is definitely a luxury, scarce goods, this kind of model represents the top level of automobile industry, they have the performance of the extreme pursuit, in the current national electrification of s, is more precious than the traditional internal combustion engine running, especially in today’s leading role the audi R8, well, as usual,Check out our video for a detailed experience, and let’s talk about something else.R8 is to the audi has a deeper meaning in the ninety s, audi to take part in the le mans 24-hour endurance race, in 2016 audi official exit WEC endurance world championships, 18 times le mans, audi took 13 champions, audi is also the most successful brands in le mans race history, and the le mans prototype code is the R8 R,In 2016, Audi unveiled the first supercar based on the mid-platform in the history of the brand at the Paris Motor Show, officially named R8, so R8 is the best embodiment of Audi from the track to civilian.In the 16-year career of the first generation R816, R8 has also continued its own track genes. Audi’s racing department has launched R8 LMS GT3, GT2 and other racing cars. Of course, these models are rear-drive, and the R8 introduced in China are all-time four-wheel drive versions.Audi R8 is the only rear center supercar among the German luxury brands. Unlike its cousin Lamborghini Huracan, the interior and exterior decoration design of R8 is more low-key than Lamborghini. You can see the Restraint of German people from R8.Lamborghini does radical and crazy things. Audi is always reserved, so when you first see the R8, you will feel that it is not so far away from people, but very friendly.Overall appearance design is the design of the audi family-based, still generation R8 line is made more than sharp, large grid more flat, unlike other supercar, the audi R8 intended to make a lot of heat dissipation mouth hidden under the sheet metal, such as the China open left and right sides of the radiator, the heat dissipation of rear door heat dissipation and so on is really low.The Performance version currently on sale has a slightly higher appearance than the standard version, with carbon fiber front lip, carbon fiber side skirts, carbon fiber side panels, fixed carbon fiber rear fins and other details that can be talked about by owners, and a full set of aerodynamics to better improve Performance.Laser headlights are also the highlights of THE CONFIGURATION of R8, the first generation OF R8 released when equipped with the world’s first full LED headlights, can be said to be quite shocking, this generation of R8 equipped with laser headlights irradiation distance is farther than the traditional LED, intelligent degree is also higher, especially when unlocking the lamp, charming.Interior design you can see the German still calm, generation of the R8’s design concept is close to keep up with the generation, abandoned the tedious keystrokes to decorate, and design allows the rider to good use as far as possible, so it is such a high affinity models, if you don’t understand the lock violent mode, you can even see it as a regular car performance.The interior is acted the role of on whole or consistent industrial feeling is extremely strong train of thought, although the ornament of carbon fiber also won’t rob the thunder of metal key, point only so far.Abandoned the so-called control panel design, the characteristics of the audi car family, also quite good, for sports car is a dispensable options, but functional, vehicle Settings, multimedia and navigation information are integrated in the whole LCD panel, through the buttons on the steering wheel or on platform MMI knob can complete control.The R8 still has a lower sitting position, so it’s a bit harder to step into the cockpit, but compared to the exaggerated threshold of the McLaren, I think I could fit in with a little more weight.In addition, the internal seat space redundancy is also very large, not like other models so crowded panic, pick the figure, before and after the distance is very large, the adjustable range is also very wide, plus the seat waist wing, leg wing can adjust the degree of clamping, really, this seat is the most comfortable supercar, two hours high speed no problem.The 5.2L V10 naturally aspirated engine R8 is equipped with a maximum power of 620 HP /8250rpm, a peak torque of 570 N · m/ 6500rpm, and a top speed of 331km/h.0-100km/h acceleration time 3.1 seconds.We just say the car of the strongest state, press the buttons on the Performance, the ESC fitted, throttle response is very positive, speed over 2500 RPM, exhaust noise also became low, light vehicles will have obvious response on the accelerator, deep trample accelerator, you will feel the elephant kicked you a foot, the feeling is not the same as pure electric cars still,R8 power experience is vivid, the speed climb, 8500rpm red zone, blood, boiling, adrenalin rapid rapid rise, palms sweat, you start to nervous…Stimulate…Of course, it is recommended that you do not turn off ESC in your daily driving, especially on rainy days, most people on ordinary roads can not hold the strongest mode of R8, well, switch to the comfort mode, listen to a ditty, you will find that R8 becomes smart, this is the first time you see in the supercar, exhaust noise is also extremely suppressed.The engine only hovers around 1000rpm. Wow.All right, take it!We simply talk about the news of the next generation of the R8, it should be to sum up, the next generation the R8 is likely to have different versions, pure electric hybrid version of the internal combustion engine and motor, and double drive, this is probably the best and the most likely state, it is reported that new car or will carry a 4.0 T V8 turbocharged engine,And add a motor to it to form a plug-in hybrid system, so if it’s a plug-in hybrid system, then 1,000 horsepower?It’s definitely possible.Already in 2022, belongs to the R8 self-priming s will in the past, also indeed, super run in sequence, is currently serving only the audi and lamborghini in self-priming internal combustion engine, ferrari has comprehensive pressurization and electrification, the good news for the next generation of R8 will come, will also carry the internal combustion engine, it should also be the affinity of the super sports car.The Spring Festival of 2022 is coming soon. Topic: “What kind of car will you drive when you get the year-end bonus and bring your lover and New Year’s goods home for the Spring Festival?”