Careful planning for the election of delegates to the party’s 20th National Congress ensured a smooth and orderly election

2022-07-29 0 By news (news broadcast) : In the election of deputies to the party’s 20th National Congress, all localities made careful arrangements, strictly examined the qualifications of deputies, strictly controlled the political and clean selection of candidates, fully promoted intra-party democracy, and the election work was smooth and orderly.In order to ensure that the delegates to the 20th National Congress are advanced and extensive, The Beijing municipal government strictly examines and checks the pass.The whole process of implementation of the recommended nomination “review” twice, first by the unit of each recommend this unit to recommend candidate to carry on the preliminary examination, again by the Beijing municipal party committee organization department jointly with the municipal commission for discipline inspection supervisor committee authority, the municipal party committee politics and law committee and other 24 municipal units to a joint review of all the recommendations, to ensure that recommended the nomination, for advice step by step, step by step step by step for selecting optimal.In the process of recommendation and nomination, Tianjin highlighted the character of “strict”, gave full play to the leadership and gatekeeping role of party organizations, established and implemented a level-by-level review and two-level review mechanism, and strictly controlled politics and integrity.At the same time, Tianjin has also worked with 21 departments, including the Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision, and the Political and Legal Commission, to check the qualifications of the recommended candidates one by one and check the four aspects of archival materials, personal matters reports, honesty and complaint reporting.At present, 67,500 primary-level Party organizations in Tianjin have participated in the recommendation and nomination work.Fujian attaches great importance to promoting democracy in the process of recommendation, fully guarantees party members’ rights to know, participate and supervise, and guides them to participate in the recommendation in an orderly and effective manner so that each party member can fully express his or her will.They also carried out strict procedures to inspect deputies in all aspects, including political quality, work performance, conduct and conduct, ability to perform duties, and public recognition, with special emphasis on the front-line inspection of deputies.Source CCTV news editor Zhang Ting editor Min Jie Li Jie