Weng ‘an Yongyang Street Office Yongjiang Community: woven full of temperature community epidemic prevention and control network

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“How do you do?I am a staff member of Yongjiang community, may I ask your recent itinerary……”Weng ‘an Yongjiang community office, community documents Huang Rui is calling the investigation back to urn urn personnel.She is calling the object is unable to go into the home to inform the epidemic prevention and control measures of community residents, only through the phone to ensure that all residents within the area of the current Weng ‘an county epidemic prevention and control policies should be known.Mobile phones, loudspeakers and laptops have become standard equipment for community officials to carry out epidemic prevention and control.In addition to making phone calls, daily visits and checks were essential. Early in the morning, Huang Rui and her colleagues went door to door to check whether there were outsiders with a loudspeaker and notebook. When they met community residents, they would remind them to wear masks and develop good living habits.Hedy YongJiang belongs to open communities, difficult to manage, in order to make the population of permanent residents and for the first time to master the epidemic prevention and control of the floating population information, YongJiang community has also established the epidemic WeChat group of residents, and published around a group of real-time dynamic and associated with the prevention and control policy, many outsiders see WeChat within the group will cooperate with the community, the first time after noticeWe will do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.”Community staff and volunteers will be on duty 24 hours a day. Through visits, screening and online publicity on wechat and QQ groups, we will immediately know the details of those who have returned from medium – and high-risk areas, so as to ensure that no one is missed in epidemic prevention and control in the community.”Huang Rui.Be a good community “goalkeeper” and build the last line of defense for epidemic prevention and control.As community workers, they stick to their posts 24 hours a day and weave a warm network of epidemic prevention and control in the community with meticulous and intimate services, which has also won the recognition and support of the general public.”The grassroots work of the community has been very down-to-earth and down-to-earth, which has made us ordinary people feel at ease.Give them a thumbs up!”Yongyang street office Yongjiang community residents tong Chao said.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Lu Taiming editor Liang Xiaolin editor Mo Yu Zhang Carry forward