The Union Primary School of Anju District, Suining city carried out the training of teachers’ information technology application ability Enhancement Project 2.0

2022-07-28 0 By

On the morning of March 25, Suining City Anju District Union Primary School carried out the first teacher information technology application ability enhancement project 2.0 training.Song Xuelian, deputy director of the school, presided over the training.In this training, Song Xuelian explained in detail the background of 2.0, learning methods, four dimensions and three application environments of teachers’ micro ability, the selection of micro ability points, matters for attention in information filling and platform operation.Through training, teachers have made clear the meaning of learning, enhanced their confidence in learning, and mastered the operation methods of the platform at the present stage.After the training, all the teachers entered the learning platform quickly and carried out relevant operations.Next, the school will be under the leadership of the Education and Sports Bureau of Anju District, orderly advance this project.(Deng Xuebing source: Anju District Union Primary School, Suining city)