State Grid Shuangfeng County power supply company to promote efficient production of high-quality services

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Loudi, March 11, rednet Moment (correspondent Xie Haifeng Weifan) “If there is no high quality and efficient service of the power supply station, our factory cannot start work as scheduled and will face hundreds of thousands of losses. Thank you for the patient service attitude of the power supply personnel, and praise for your excellent technology.On March 10, Shuangfeng Hongkai Industrial company will be a “never forget the original aspiration, for enterprises to solve difficulties” banner sent to the state grid Shuangfeng County power supply company Hongma power supply qu Weiguo hands.Hongkai Industrial Co., LTD., located in Zouma Street town, has a mask factory and other entities, and plans to build a new bag factory this year.Seeing that the construction period is approaching, in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the machine in the factory, Hongkai Industrial Company urgently applies to Hongma power Supply office for installing a transformer.Want to think of the enterprise, urgent enterprise urgent, power supply for the first time to organize professional and technical personnel to the scene investigation.After understanding the electricity demand of the enterprise, I quickly sorted out and analyzed the optimal power supply plan and detailed construction plan, in order to maximize the production and operation benefits.Facing the problem of short time and tight construction period, Hongma Power Supply Station tries its best to gain time for construction by opening up green channels and compressing service links.After 25 days of non-stop construction, hongkai industrial company successfully installed a 200 kVA transformer, for the enterprise as scheduled production laid a solid foundation.”I would like to thank Hung Ma Power for their considerate service so that my plant can be put into production so quickly.”Shuangfeng Hongkai industrial company said that after the production, now the monthly production value of the box bag factory has reached more than 800,000, and we are confident that the monthly production value will break through 1 million in a short time.Shuangfeng has always been adhering to the customer-centered principle, practicing the principle of “I do practical things for the masses” and actively carrying out the service of “three provinces”, continuously reducing the time and cost of users’ electricity operation, improving the power acquisition index, contributing to the economic and social development of Shuangfeng with high-quality service and providing a good business environment for attracting investment.Source: Rednet Author: Xie Haifeng Wei Fan Editor: Zhang Sun Wenqi This article is the original loudi station article, reprint please attach the original source link and this statement.This paper links:, all peer originator, hail to the original