Lu Shi County, Henan people and social bureau hit a good combination of boxing to achieve a good start

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New Year start, lushi people club bureau adhere to the word pledge, seek improvement in stability, with “start the decisive battle, started the sprint”, “spring breeze action”, entrepreneurship and secured loan examination and approval and issue effect a radical cure back pay for the gripper action, may lessen the force and measures simultaneously, hit “combination”, in order to charge posture, maintaining the momentum of lead,Realizing the county’s people and social work in many fields “a good start”.”Spring Breeze Action” to help rural labor transfer to employment.”Send love” spring breeze send warm, employment, to continue to promote rural labor transfer employment, increasing the income of migrant workers employment, help implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country, county people club bureau to carry out the “spring breeze action”, comprehensive MoPai migrant workers return home before and after return, to send posts, delivering information, policy, and send skills “four” service,Publicity to encourage support for rural migrant workers, such as poverty alleviation labor employment entrepreneurship policy, advance the rural labor force real-name registration and home business real-name registration, pushing labor post information, focus for returning back, because of the outbreak stranded migrant workers and migrant workers out of poverty population, low-income population and other key support object “through train” to provide free employment.On the seventh day of the first lunar month, more than 400 migrant workers from various towns and townships in the county, with their hopes for a better life, took free employment buses provided by the county’s human resources and Social Security Bureau and set off for zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces to start a new journey of work.Start-up loans help industrial development in an all-round way.Early deployment, arrange early, early action, early implementation, strengthen business guarantee loan discount, to reduce the threshold of counter guarantee, expand the scope of the staff support, vigorously implement the “one-stop” services, optimizing the application, review and approval process, realize the business loan guarantees, “up to run a” service mode innovation and business philosophy, adhering to the service employmentThe audit and evaluation of credit villages and credit users were carried out well. 9 farmers in Henan Village were granted as credit users of entrepreneurship guarantee loan, and they handled the procedures of entrepreneurship guarantee loan on site, totaling 900,000 yuan.Through simple, fast, timely work efficiency, help entrepreneurs “break the ice” financial difficulties.By the end of January, the county issued a total of 76 start-up guarantee loans, 13.25 million yuan, a total of 76 people to support entrepreneurship and employment, driving more than 200 people to achieve employment.We will eradicate unpaid wages and fully protect the rights and interests of rural migrant workers.To effect a radical cure back pay special operation in winter, a special meeting on the special operation arrangement, joint county government supervision department to government hotline unpaid work order more traffic, building and dongming, horizontal jian unit on-site supervision, such as the joint committee, county public security bureau, court, procuratorate, live built bureau department warning interview meeting,On jianye, Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine, Chunhui yuan and other 6 unpaid cases of more enterprises for a warning interview.Up to now, 29 employers of various types have been inspected and 267 workers have recovered 4.275 million yuan in wages.The conciliation statement 6 copies issued, apply for conciliation statement 3 copies issued by the court and apply for a judicial confirmation 2, positive play lushi ZongZhi labor dispute mediation center branch, consolidate the gold medal at the provincial level mediation organization work, source, to prevent beforehand, reduce inventory, deterring increment, full coverage, to protect legitimate rights and interests of workers, to achieve dynamic reset back pay clues,The county successfully completed the winter special action targets and tasks to eradicate unpaid wages, effectively safeguarding the rights and interests of migrant workers and social stability.(Reporter song).