Guiyang Benz CLS limited time promotion, limited time special discount of 20,000 yuan

2022-07-28 0 By

Car price early know: Your star Mercedes Benz Jinyang store, Mercedes Benz CLS limited time special discount, 02 13th -02 13th straight down 0.03%, have the intention to buy a car friends might as well personally go to test drive, shop address:Guizhou Guiyang Guanshanhu District Lincheng West Road Tongyuan Automobile Culture Square promotion time from February 13, 2022 to February 13, 2022 Preferential conditions local license Benz CLS latest offer model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Guiyang offer CLS 350CLS 300 Luxury model 690,200 model 690,200 model 637,800 model 637,600 modelCLS 350 4MATIC-type CLS 300 4Matic-type CLS 300 4Matic-type CLS 300 4Matic-type CLS 300 4Matic-type CLS 300The luxury model is 698,800 yuan, 0.02 yuan, 696,600 yuan