Glory of the color: Defeat Xiaomi, surpass OV, can beat Huawei next?

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Huawei has broken up and left enough to crush the regular armies of Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo.A year ago, Smart Matter mentioned that honor was the only wild card in China’s mobile phone market.Now the joke is true.According to a recent report by Counterpoint, Honor’s shipment share in China reached 17% in the fourth quarter of 2021, ranking first in the Android market and second only to Apple’s 21%. Compared to 5.1% at the beginning of its independence, Honor doubled its market share in just one year.Half of glory’s rapid growth should be attributed to Huawei.Glory division, Zhao Ming picked up a considerable number of Huawei mobile phone research and development, product, supply chain elite.In addition, Honor can also share part of the R&D power from Huawei — The UTG glass supply of Triumph Technology includes Honor.The reason for Huawei’s unusual generosity is understandable.Huawei’s sky-high valuation to sell glory equity to shenzhen state-led consortium, performance commitment, the gambling department to clean up the matter, the horse, still need to send a journey.Zhao Ming’s move is unpretentious, inheriting Huawei’s manpower, technology and even appearance to the greatest extent.Unexpected is, lie to win huawei OPPO, Vivo, incredibly hit but the glory of the three board axe.In the past year, Zhao Ming has performed extremely well.In the next two years, Zhao Ming will be under great pressure. Similarly, honor, which has escaped from Huawei, can get rid of the label of on-line machine in a short time by virtue of its control of supply chain and advance layout of channels. However, neither Magic 3 series nor Magic V, a foldable mobile phone, can get out of the shadow of Huawei in design.To a large extent, honor’s new phone is close to Huawei’s design language, which has succeeded in attracting Huawei’s fans to become the first group of independent users. But with Huawei’s mobile phone business stagnating and technology support gradually withdrawing, how far can such dividend support Honor go?But the challenge also comes from Huawei.Apart from huawei’s matrix and the support of Huawei 2012 R&D system, how long can the glorious war continue?Also, if Yu chengdong is right.In 2023, Huawei phones are back on the market, competing with Honor.Zhao Ming and glory of the true color and can have geometry?What did Glory do right to reach the top in its first year?One number that stands out in Counterpoint’s report is that the Glory Magic 3 accounted for 7% of sales in the $600 to $800 price range in China in the third quarter of 2021, trailing only the iPhone 12 and even ahead of some Apple models.It should be noted that honor, which was released in August last year, is the company’s second model since becoming independent. The previous honor 50 was more of a pathfinder, and the company needed a mid-range model to adapt to Qualcomm’s mobile platform after its partnership with Qualcomm was suspended for several years.However, such an experimental model has become the best-selling model in the third quarter with a price of $200-599, which is difficult for many industry insiders to understand, because the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G platform it runs on can only touch the threshold of the mid-market at best, but supports an average price of 3000+.But a closer look at honor’s post-Independence actions shows that the model’s success is no accident.In December 2020, Zhao Ming said in a media interview that all of Honor’s past supplier partners, such as Qualcomm, AMD, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung and so on, have signed agreements with Honor to resume supply.At the same time, it was reported by the media that before the office staff of Honor had settled in the new Honor Park, Honor had already started the centralized training of “supplier coordination” in the park.It was less than a month before glorious independence.It can be said that Honor solved the supply chain problem that Ren zhengfei was most worried about in the shortest time, even better than Ren Zhengfei expected.Zhao Ming once said that the honor 50 series completed all the RESEARCH and development work in only 6 months from project approval to product release, which is inseparable from honor’s accurate control of the supply chain.At the same time, glory is also actively adjusting channel strategy.In the face of price-sensitive online consumer groups, the channel strategies of the past are obviously not applicable to the future. It is the wisest choice to avoid the cruel competition of online channels and actively layout the offline market.Xiaomi ridiculed honor’s first product, and Honor soon stole xiaomi’s share. Public information shows that Honor currently has more than 30,000 offline stores and counters, and its offline sales have accounted for more than 70%, and these are only completed within a year.In addition, in the design of the new model, Honor also retains the features of Huawei phones to the greatest extent, such as the “figure 8” lens module of Huawei 50 series, or the Halo lens module of Mate40 series, which has been criticized for the lack of independent design language, but has indeed won the favor of Huawei fans.Once these marketing strategies are complete, the success of Glory Magic 3 becomes a matter of course.In terms of hardware configuration, Magic 3 launched snapdragon 888+ mobile platform, and fully inherited the features of P50 and Mate40 models in image module. The store purchase and gift activity further expanded the offline market, and the appearance design of Mate40 directly made Honor phone labeled as “business model” for the first time.It can be said that in the domestic high-end market in the second half of 2021, the Glory Magic 3 is the only new device to stand firm.At the beginning of this year, both Xiaomi and Honor set their goals as “rival to Apple”, but have to admit that Apple is too powerful in the high-end camp, before Huawei’s return, Xiaomi and Honor will not be able to do any real damage to it.The statistical data of Smallest Analysis show that in 2021, Apple’s market share of the two price ranges of 5000-800 yuan and higher than 8,000 yuan reached 83.6% and 94.1%, up 96.7% and 585.6% year-on-year.It seems that “Huawei stumbles, Apple eats up” is not just a joke.But even if Huawei comes back, glory and Huawei can hardly restore the state of “fighting with one heart” in the past, and it is more likely to stage a drama of fighting with the same house.On the one hand, Huawei’s chip supply is blocked in a short time, and Huawei still needs to use “middlemen” to obtain 5G chips. If Huawei switches to Qualcomm or Mediatek SoC, then the new phone without Haisi chip will inevitably be involved in the homogenization competition of Android camp.On the other hand, the boom in the foldable screen market in the past two years has also made various manufacturers realize that foldable screen is the best way to gain a foothold in the high-end market. Before Apple entered the foldable screen field, Huawei’s biggest potential rival in the foldable screen field is Glory.More importantly, since the independence of Honor, Huawei has begun to retain some core technologies. For example, Honor Magic 3 Pro inherits all the hardware of P50 Pro in image, but only lacks the most essential computational optics of P50 series.There is also Magic V previously released, although its highly similar appearance design was dubbed as “Huawei Mate X2” youth version, but Magic V did not get huawei hinge part of the hardware support, but like Xiaomi, OPPO, amphenol public version scheme,The hinge design is one of the core parts of Huawei folding screen technology.This is also a big problem facing Glory at present: what are the core competitiveness of Glory after being separated from Huawei?Hardware innovation depends on “touch Huawei across the river”, but Huawei’s mobile phone business has generally been stagnant, glory can only choose the supply chain to provide the public version of the program, software returned to the Android camp, once was based on high hopes Magic UI has also been glory from the waste.The current status of Glory and Huawei is reminiscent of the rivalry between Huawei and Huasan in a previous life. As the product of Huawei and 3Com’s joint defense against Cisco, Huasan once maintained a fairly close cooperation with Huawei, but had to compete against Huawei under the direction of the new owner.The difference is that after independence, Huasan could only watch Huawei capture territory, but the glory after independence will never be reconciled to the people.