Through 2021: found maize seed selection errors (5), ear height problems

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Follow up on Past 2021: Corn Seed Selection Errors discovered (4), Tassel Problems — click on the blue text to scroll through the previous issue.We discussed the male ear problem in the last period, this period discusses the ear height of corn.Turns out, a lot of people think.In 2021, however, some perceptions have been reversed: this variety, the red axis variety with conical ears, has a low ear position — but because of stalk rot, the crop has fallen by more than half and the subsequent harvest has been severely affected.This variety leads to hebei a “lang Shan thief kou” of the company loss of millions, also leads to Hebei a “people do not believe” of the company backlog of millions of pounds of corn seeds and “no one asked”……Although the two companies each other “distressed friend”, but because there is no disease-resistant varieties of corn – eager to make money of the two companies can only benefit “big wheat” this has been out of date for decades to fool a small part of the “eager for quick success” and “do not really understand agricultural science and technology”……But it’s been true for decades – partially unknown – that # shortsy is all lies #.The “belladongshan thief” company was compensated by Lao Lai company for a corn variety, which is also a “garbage variety” with serious disease and easy high temperature damage. It is normal that they perform badly. If they perform well, they engage in “bagging seeds”, which belongs to seed fraud.Ok, let’s talk about another topic: the figure below, is the content of the book on maize from the Maize Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It clearly points out that the lower ear position of maize, the lower grain weight per ear.That is, maize varieties with low ear position, because they produce less per ear per plant, must be planted densely — low-ear varieties must be planted densely so that they do not yield less.However, dense planting of corn must be a basic requirement – this is to ensure that the “bottom line requirements”, otherwise, prone to yield reduction.How many of these, low ear corn varieties, can do that?Finally, let’s talk about a higher rice a authorized in hebei province, henan introduction for the record of maize varieties, examination and approval, all the year of the “dual rate” for the “three over one thousand” (0.3%), that is to say, don’t play control agent of 4500 strains of corn field, which is about a dozen corn plant upright – isn’t it, amazing?However, the approval announcement of this variety is: plant height 287 cm, ear 119 cm.Plant height is not low, spike on the high side, but it is “high resistance double down” — why?According to the analysis of the North Rural network science and Technology advisory group, the main reasons are two points: 1, according to the third party test of the plant protection Institute of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, this variety is highly resistant to rot mold stem rot, but also high resistance to fusarium stem rot, high resistance to two kinds of stem rot, to ensure the quality of root and stem.2. The plants of this variety are as “tough” as gymnasts’ bodies, so they are both “high resistance to lodging” and “high resistance to bending” (high resistance to stem breaking).In addition, this variety and other varieties of “red plus powder mixed sowing”, in resolving the corn “double inverted risk” effect is significant, at the same time can enhance the 9 major disaster resistance of corn, can achieve “half of the province fertilizer” and increase production by one-fifth of the general 2 varieties of seeds in accordance with 1:1 mixed sowing can be.(To be continued)