Test drive changan UNI-K iDD, a power hybrid rookie in 2022

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With the global situation in turmoil, domestic oil prices continue to rise. 95 oil has entered the 9 yuan era, and 92 oil has crossed the 8 yuan mark.Nowadays, the use value of vehicles is becoming more and more high, and many people are turning their attention to electric models. However, due to the shortage of raw materials, many electric car brands are also beginning to raise prices.Users are turning their eyes to a car that is both fuel-efficient and good quality at a good price.On March 27th, wuhan Oriental Horse City test drive Center, car media from Wuhan, car lovers gathered together to test drive chang ‘an UNI-K iDD, a new power hybrid in 2022.Although the new car only went on sale nationwide on March 10, it already has a loyal following.After all, such an electric model of fuel-efficient, fuel-efficient hybrid model is really good for car buyers.Uni-k iDD works in a range of -35 ° C to + 55 ° C and costs 176,900 to 192,900 yuan, making it attractive to many car buyers.At the beginning of the listing, chang ‘an UNI-K iDD, known as the “whole 0 anxiety”, what kind of confidence dare to call it so?The secret comes from the iDD intelligent control system first carried in the new car, which spans the full field, the full temperature domain, the full time domain and the full speed domain.This all-round strength, but also in the day of the test drive link reflected incisively and vividly.Ease of travel, and the whole field.The changan UNI-K iDD can combine navigation information to determine driving conditions, such as congestion or smooth traffic, and carry out battery or engine work assignment in advance, so that users can save more energy in actual use.Whether it is urban commuting, or outing scenes, can be regulated through different modes, more intelligent distribution of battery work.In the urban mode, the NEDC pure electric range of the new car is 130km, and the EV mode can meet the demand of daily commuting.In outing mode, NEDC comprehensive fuel consumption is 0.8L/100km, deficient fuel consumption is as low as 5L/100km, and comprehensive sailing range is 1100km.There will be no rush to find charging points or gas stations on the road, just enjoy the good mood along the way.Strict requirements, smooth full range of temperature.Changan UNI-K iDD has undergone a series of tests and challenges before being officially launched.Engineers from Changan have been hoping to bring a new car to the market that can travel to all the environment and landforms, so that car buyers across the country can have such a new travel partner.To be able to drive this car regardless of the north or south, the first prerequisite is that the car can withstand the heat of the South and the cold of the North.The UNI-K iDD’s intelligent system not only enables it to travel in -35 c to 55 C environments, but its engine is IP68 water-resistant to ensure safe driving in wet conditions.At the same time, the onboard system continuously monitors the risk of thermal runaway of the battery 24 hours a day, to ensure that the vehicle can cope with high and low temperatures freely.Keep up with The Times and enjoy the whole time domain.In addition to some updated configurations, changan UNI-K iDD has a very good change compared to other models.That’s full time, full life cycle update.The whole car can be upgraded remotely through OTA to ensure that users can use the new product frequently and have a more perfect experience in the whole product life cycle. The software package also supports lifelong intelligent upgrade along with the car.Test drive process, through simple control, you can feel changan’s latest vehicle management system, as well as the latest software support.Track at full speed.The Uni-K iDD, equipped with blue Whale iDD, delivers excellent performance with extreme power, 100km acceleration time 8.1s and top speed easily exceeding 200km/h.Like speed sense, push back sense of people, do not this car.The uni-K iDD gives you the pleasure of speed without even experiencing the roar of the engine.This adrenaline rush of speed is especially evident during the 30° slope challenge, straight-line acceleration.With wisdom, you can enjoy endless possibilities.Changan Uni-K iDD, as the flagship model of Changan that has been launched for 6 years, certainly has more than the above advantages.As a highly intelligent model, its intelligent configuration is quite a surprise.8 power combination modes, you can choose.There are “power surge” mode, “camping” mode, “Buddha long endurance” mode, and custom mode.In the outdoor scene experience, changan Uni-K iDD external discharge function, with others can easily build a mobile leisure area, anytime, anywhere camping.At the same time, changan UNI-K iDD also has a better performance in some intelligent security.For example, when facing the challenge of bumpy road, the vehicle has a 540 degree panoramic transparent chassis and four 1 million pixel 180 degree fisheye cameras in the whole vehicle. Users can open 3D display, intelligent opening, lane departure warning and other details in the car to easily cope with narrow road conditions.Detail is king, customer demand is top.Although the day’s test drive lasted only a few hours, the comfort of the new car was unforgettable.Whether front or back, the new car has fully considered the needs of the car, the front seat is still comfortable, spacious and relaxed back.The whole car seat adopts zero gravity design and filling technology, and the front integral sports seat has excellent ergonomic design, which maximizes the comfort of the driver, reduces the fatigue of long-distance driving, and increases the pleasure of driving.The innovative filling system of the rear seat can effectively filter out the fine vibration, and support the Angle adjustment of the best sitting position in 29° and 34°. No matter what the environment, you can fully enjoy the comfortable and comfortable feeling of riding.”So many surprises, more than expected.”This is the most common feeling experienced by test drivers.With blue Whale iDD full-range efficient hybrid power system, inheriting UNI’s technical passion and humanistic care for users, and changan Uni-K iDD’s endless sincerity in the new energy field, supported by multiple advantages, changan UNI-K iDD is undoubtedly the most dazzling presence in the 2022 car market. Such a car attracts people’s attention in the test drive.It’s no surprise that it got a ton of likes.