SNH48 Huang Tingting’s home, the family lives in a narrow small apartment, furniture appliances are very old

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In the past few years, the girl idol group SNH48 was very hot, with the fervour of youth infected young men and women, each member has their own characteristics and skills, but everyone is very beautiful in common.Among them, there are some outstanding team members Huang Tingting, as the vice captain of SNH48, not only looks pure and beautiful, personality is also cheerful and enthusiastic, and very dedicated, it is really rare to see.She takes every performance very seriously, even if it is a song will sing carefully every detail.And to the life, she is a lively clever ghost, learn to amuse amuse amuse amuse amuse all can do, some net friends say she is a little sister character, but gentle kitten, but expression package, loved by people.Although vice team is a little famous, but in the influence of other big stars or some gap, and in the home design is different from other stars, but she does not care too much about this luxury.Recently participated in a home decoration program can reflect this point, then let’s take a look at the layout of her home.In general, Huang Tingting and her family now live in a small apartment with a narrow area, but it is clean and tidy, and the equipment is placed reasonably and neatly. It looks very suitable for living and has a sense of home.Huang Tingting emerged from the crack in the door, a surprised expression, mouth has not finished eating, as if very shy, very cute.Into the living room, the space is only ten square meters, the layout is mainly white, white walls with white sofa, even small coffee table covered with white tablecloth, looks spotless, clean and tidy, it seems that Huang Tingting usually did not clean, can see is a lady at home.However, the configuration inside, as if some of the old, even the TV is the style of the 90’s, more is nostalgic aftertaste.The decoration style of the house may be obedient to the wishes of the parents, more in line with the public aesthetic, but this side of the house, in Beijing is not cheap ah, if in a few rings, each ten million is not to buy!Even Huang tingting thinks TV is old-fashioned and even ugly, but it’s not that hard to switch to a TV now.In addition, in order to be less depressed in this narrow space, I added green potted plants in my home, which not only beautify the space to a certain extent, but also absorb carbon dioxide to add vitality.The dining room is not spacious, the tables are squeezed into the wall between the two doors, but it is more than enough for a few people to eat at ordinary times, and the arrangement is also clean and tidy.Next door to the restaurant is the kitchen, cooking and eating is convenient and convenient enough.Then into the kitchen, the u-shaped design layout, the cabinet below can be customized, can maximize the use of space, but also reduce the sanitary dead Angle.In front of the washing basin, a window is designed to not only improve the brightness of the kitchen, but also to let the smoke out of the room.As a small public official in the family, we see Huang Tingting’s bedroom decoration is full of girly feeling, mattress, curtains with cartoon patterns, isn’t it very kawaii?Very much like her little princess.In addition, Huang Tingting is a small food, even in bed, did not see her mouth is stopped, it can be said that when eating can not stop.A netizen says, although cannot see what luxurious house, however such low-key life female star does not see much, no matter it is gold nest silver nest, oneself live comfortably is good nest, wish her life is more happy and happy.