Newlyweds on their honeymoon trip, how to expect the wife to go to the wrong room in the middle of the night, let a person shiver back of the Chinese film

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Newlyweds to the three gorges, but when we wife going in the wrong room, under the dark, they made a series of the describing things, such as do all in readiness, and in turn on the light, lie on the bed of the man was not her husband, new wife was scared silly, immediately grabbed her hair and ran outside, a woman named Bai Li, had just got married and her husband chi Lin out on a honeymoon,But never thought such a thing happened, she screams in horror, pat door looking for her husband, while her husband after hearing his wife’s scream, and hurriedly went out to see, just go out wife Bai Li flapping in his arms, this makes her husband chi Lin hurriedly put the clothes to put on, the appearance of the panic to see his wife, also hurriedly asked what happened,Yet when he heard that his wife, also is enraged, was immediately rushed to the side of the room, and knocked at the door, willy-nilly, go up and then beat each other and the noise was woken up to the rest of the guests, but consider also can understand, whose wife is defiled, he could not swallow it, make big things, however, the police would be the first step in,But when the police asked the wife Bai Li Bai Li but said he did not see the room number, and I didn’t see a man’s appearance, only feel man is tall and thin, and after I found that turn on the light yourself going in the wrong room, and also with the physical contact, so that instant her mind a blank, what all didn’t notice the horrified to run out,I heard that, the police couldn’t help wondering heart, don’t even remember the room number, his wife also don’t remember what the man looks like and why her husband can be guaranteed is the man killed his own wife, the key is identifying the man or the public security bureau of administration department section chief, called old single, but he is performing the special tasks, so that what is going on,Further investigation, when the husband he bin after hearing the man’s identity, panic spread a batch, eyes also became erratic, after a series of visiting survey, the police also proves that the section chief of innocence, but chi chong said sympathetically at this moment, anyway, now also can not find the perpetrators, so it is better to forget it, just as it did not happen,Province of the figure, the greater the discovery, the police immediately detect something wrong, because the attitude of the chi Lin is obviously has a problem, just is the appearance of arrogance, have to get things not solved, is now said to go away again, and after that the identity of the old single, his whole person also is not natural, is a kind of guilty,This old single decides to intervene, the entire case investigate clearly, give Bai Li a truth, also can’t let his white got the beaten, and he brought people came to the Bai Li into the wrong room, decided to first hand from this investigation, after asking, learned that this live the guest name is xu, and already did not return for several days, so the police suspected him as the no. 1 first,And soon found himself in a factory, but look from his appearance, with Bai Li description has a lot of differences, according to Bai Li said that night was a tall, and thin, but the Mr Xu was stupid and fat, so he should not, but it would also not white running, after asking, the police learned this Mr Xu know chi Lin,And his nephew XingQiu and Lin zhi bin relationships are better, to know that here, we and the police immediately to XingQiu Lin launched an investigation, but since the value of the XingQiu Lin is missing, which also can not find others, bogged down in that case, you don’t know where to start the survey, this woman is simply a honeymoon with her husband, can we,Because of wrong room was killed first, since it happened, Bai Li all bad, every day do nightmare, being bullied, feel that he is not clean, and afraid of husband abandon themselves, away from yourself, she also specially made his favourite dish for her husband, but her husband does not ungrateful, but also for a little frivolous things and Bai Li a big fight,Bai Li very is sad, she knew she had been defiled, but for tzu chi Lin’s heart has never changed, but her heart is the same, but some people heart is hanging on the others, actually he bin as early as in the outside with another woman, so there would be filled with all sorts of bad to his wife, but on chi Lin break into a furious rage, the telephone suddenly rang in the home,At the moment when he pick up the phone, his face suddenly changed, temper also big shift to a one hundred and eighty degrees, so you can see the phone content is not simple, but from then on, the chi Lin received a mysterious phone every day, and even the telephone call directly to the place where he go to work, and this makes chi Lin is very upset, every time also can hang up the phone impatiently, beside this, however,Even Bai Li has received a mysterious phone, and the content of the phone, let she is very happy, think of what people have nothing to do, make the prank, the people on the phone told her that her husband was just to play with her, not really for her, and soon will divorce with her, just in Bai Li want to ask him, knock on the door suddenly rang again,She had to go to open the door, and to people is the police, he wants to talk, in a deeper understanding, in the whole process, tzu chi Lin and the police has been a kind of conversation, but when the police, the whole people changed appearance, also warned Bai Li don’t bring the police to the home, have what matter will go to outside, province with an eyesore in the home, after that day,Few days later, Bai Li also often received a mysterious phone, and the content is the same as before, but Bai Li always reluctant to believe, but it was not until one day, when shopping, she saw a familiar figure, and the man also deeply hurt her heart, that’s right, that person is her husband chi Lin, at a time when – bin and the other is a woman embracing,Although said that seeing is believing, but Bai Li still don’t want to believe, so she did not go up, but the return to a home, want to find out he bin evidence of infidelity, but helpless zhi bin is too cunning, no any suspicious clues left behind in the home, before long, the mystery man said to her, really happened, chi chong cruel to Bai Li filed for divorce,Also said can’t accept Bai Li happened before, namely to put all the blame Bai Li body, because she was not clean, so can’t accept her, but Bai Li heart clear, is a prior derailed chi Lin, but she didn’t say it, but the chi Lin in the fantasy, because Bai Li grew up without a father, not the backer, so the emergence of the bin,Gave her a sense of security, so want to keep this marriage, so Bai Li began to investigate in the husband of the woman who, quickly detected the clues, old woman named Yao Jin, was a dance teacher, she is not only good-looking, the key still have money, after the understanding to these Bai Li applied learning dance with her, and she became a friend also,Originally wanted to revenge Bai Li, only to find that after get along, but Yao Jin are a victim, because she doesnt know he bin is married, he Lin is a hypocritical man, what he marry Bai Li not because of love, just after the Bai Li father’s business, but now he again on a rich woman,Anxious to divorce Bai Li now, of course, the woman was calculated by her husband, being wasted, only because her husband on the rich, want to and her divorce, this day, Bai Li again received a mysterious phone, and the phone told her that he could tell her the truth of that night, so Bai Li trade.we sceptical decided to meet and mystery man, when she came to the designated place,A man appeared in front of her, and who is XingQiu Lin, he admitted that night defiled Bai Li is his, but all this was egged on by chi chong, in order to is to be with her not clean as an excuse to put forward a divorce, and tzu chi Lin also promised to him, and later will give him a sum of money, but now, XingQiu repeatedly call chi Lin Lin want money, he is not to give,So XingQiu Lin decided to revenge he bin, in order to let Bai Li believe him, XingQiu also about tzu chi Lin Lin come out to play billiards, whereas Bai Li hidden in the pool eavesdropping, this time, she heard a real chi Lin personally speak out the truth, Bai Li heart immediately big crash, didn’t expect her husband to a beast beast, to this, Bai Li decided to retaliate,First she put Yao Jin around in a bar, and she and he Lin also appear in the bar dancing at the same time, after Yao Jin came to here, nature also saw her two people, sure enough, when Yao Jin saw the two of them are dancing, immediately sit not to live, asked the people know, next to the chi Lin turned out to be a wife, she is this just the reaction come over,Himself is the gooseberry, finally Yao Jin angrily left the bar, and all this bin was kept in the dark, only found that Yao Jin all the contact way blocked by oneself, can’t, he can only come to Yao Jin company looking for her, but she and Bai Li is different, since infidelity found, it would never leave each other a chance to recover,Chi Lin marriage is passed from now, alongside women dream is broken, she came home only buckets on Bai Li, but Bai Li don not care, she think it is not enough, cannot make up for the damage to her, this Bai Li and more revenge, she called XingQiu Lin, and buy him, let him help you deceive chi Lin,From the mouth of the XingQiu Lin told chi chong Yao Jin false information in the three gorges, smell speech’s bin want to don’t want to believe, because he is now the goods, must think back to just go, so he immediately felt the three gorges, but unexpectedly, waiting for him at this person is not Yao Jin, but Bai Li, she uncovered the chi Lin dirty face here,When Zhibin sees that he is exposed, he does not hide it, but admits it shamelessly, which makes Bai Li very angry and pushes Zhibin off the cliff. Afterwards, Bai Li also voluntarily gives herself up to the public security Bureau.Bai Li can say is meet people like this, she didn’t see clear from the beginning the true nature of chi chong, caocao is married and finally become a chess pieces in the success of others, if you useful is the beacon, can be arbitrarily discarded if you doesn’t work, so it also creates, Bai Li life tragedy, finally after know really want to, she will be blinded by hatred eyes,Commit irreversible wrong, so in reality, we must see clearly a person’s true colors, and then decide whether to have further development with him, to wait for what things are settled, when the discovery, that is too late to regret, do you think?What do you think of the whole thing? Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section. See you next time.