Latest tips from Changchun Railway Station

2022-07-27 0 By

Changchun railway station issued the latest reminder about the train into Beijing left left warm prompt for the implementation of capital, epidemic prevention and control policy, build during the outbreak of defense, the passenger should take 48 hours (return) Beijing nucleic acid testing negative proof and “Beijing health treasure” green train rides, changchun railway station will to check one by one, please come in (return) passengers must be more than half an hour in advance to Beijing,Cooperate with station for verification.Changchun – Beijing train on time if there are any changes please refer to our railway and station 12306 web site announcement changchun station for train passengers carrying luggage, parcel one by one, the machine inspection and the passengers are all-round ShouJian security meticulous passenger waiting time is longer, please the friends must travel by train in the schedule to go out as soon as possible to save time for friends to carry luggage do quantitativeZero is the whole beverage, thermos cup and other kinds of bottled, canned liquid on hand in advance cooperate with security personnel to complete the inspection quickly, be sure to wear masks when entering the station, do a good job of personal protection, avoid staying in crowded places.