KPL clever wear dew shoulder skirt, clavicle clearly visible, LPL small yu wear dew waist skirt more absolutely

2022-07-27 0 By

I believe we all know that the beauty of KPL host Ling, not only long good-looking, the figure is particularly good, before she also wore a lot of shoulder outfit, show a gentle posture, and collarbone is also clearly visible, is really a big beauty, so like her people are also special, is really worth us looking forward to.Really besides clever beyond, LPL also has a lot of beautiful female anchor, although the clavicle of clever is very beautiful, but the small yu of LPL wears show waist skirt more absolutely, before small yu wore a gules show waist skirt, can say to let a person all eyes, still have his good figure at the same time, also let a lot of people praise full of praise.Of course, as a relatively young female host, Xiao Yu did have the advantage, mainly young enough, face full of collagen, so it can be loved by everyone.In fact, small yu should be the girl that everybody envies, not only career love double harvest, also have quite good popularity at the same time, before small yu also invited the old player of IG to go to her home together to be a guest, they still make dumplings together, enough to see her popularity, LPL player all like small yu very much.And xiao Yu with her boyfriend Rookie is more like a Rookie, two people’s feelings are very stable, can be said to be the e-sports circle everyone envy of the couple.Of course, Xiao Yu has never let us down, he is always trying to improve himself, and his business ability is very strong.As we all know, the female host of the League of Heroes is not so good when, after all, they have to learn a lot of language, in order to be able to become the best female host, xiaoyu also spared no effort to pay a lot, in addition to high appearance level and good figure, xiaoyu’s strength is also worth affirming, this is also the reason why she can fire up.All in all, xiao Yu is a beautiful hostess, and we hope she can keep improving.Rookie and xiaoyu are really worthy of our love, don’t you think?