Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying officially announce divorce: Wang Feng was shot lying down

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This afternoon, Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying officially announced their divorce. They met each other and announced the same thing: “Thank you for everything in the past, but the future is still family!”Both studios also issued separate statements announcing that they had amicably separated and ended their marriage.The relevant formalities have been completed, and the two parties will raise the baby Sponge together in the future.Netizens on the entertainment industry on and off of the matter, has long been familiar with strange, this comment involves a wide range of content, but people can not help laughing and laughing.Why announce divorce now?Some netizens said that huang xiaoming and Yang Ying’s divorce announcement was just adding to everyone’s troubles with the Chinese New Year coming up.”It’s time to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new,” another netizen said, implying two things.The second is to leave the old, and can marry the new.This kind of comment is mainly to ridicule, some people directly said that “the entertainment industry is too messy.”In fact, after the New Year, soon is February 14 Valentine’s Day, especially in the past two years of Valentine’s Day, the dynamics of the two have been the majority of fans guess.On Valentine’s Day last year, Ying posted pictures of herself alone, prompting speculation that they were divorced.Now that the other boot is down, the guessing game is over.In addition, Yang Ying’s birthday is not long after Valentine’s Day, and now the official announcement of divorce will save huang Xiaoming’s troubles.Some netizens commented that Huang xiaoming and Yang Ying handled everything well and enjoyed the Spring Festival.There’s a lot of truth in that.What’s more, netizens were imaginative, thinking: “Wang feng must have done something big again.”Unexpectedly, Wang Feng will be shot lying down.This meme comes from the past when Wang Feng released a new song or prepared for a concert. Almost every time he was about to make a big promotion, there would always be a big baby of some star in front of him, so that Wang Feng’s light never came out.This time, Wang Feng downstairs directly had a netizen shout: “a single again why drop?”Netizen’s comment, let a person can not follow the train of thought, saw laughing.The wedding of Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying in 2015 was dubbed the “wedding of the century”, with half of the entertainment industry’s biggest names in attendance.From getting the marriage certificate, meaning “my beloved wife”, and the design of the wedding card, the background of the invitation, to the wedding candy, wedding wine, gift box, wedding dress, dress, jewelry, wedding shoes, cake and flowers, all carefully chic, extremely exquisite.The wedding banquet and car are also luxurious and luxurious. The wedding of the century cost 200 million yuan.Again high-profile wedding, the day also need to be steadfast;Face scenery again, inside gu is not good, marriage will not last.After six and a half years of marriage, they divorced when it didn’t work out any more.Someone said to Huang xiaoming, “All my money has gone down the drain.”Others said Yang Ying: “rich people made it.”One netizen commented that it was “an entertainment show”;Some netizens pointed out that the wedding of the century has finally become the joke of the century.Some even commented on the contents of their articles, saying, They were friends before marriage and family after divorce.”Qin LAN and Li Feer have a chance this time,” another netizen said, referring directly to Huang’s two ex-girlfriends.Although some of the comments are made in jest, the feelings must be carefully maintained. A good marriage is mutual trust and mutual support. Divorce will do great psychological harm to the parties.The damage to the children is even greater.Although Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying have not announced their divorce, it is widely speculated that they are getting divorced.After their wedding, the show of affection and sprinkling dog food amused the fans much.Gradually, the two sides stopped interacting, and everyone had bad guesses.They interacted occasionally to remedy the situation.Later, they could not even pretend.In the last two years, Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying have been in the same frame because of their child, Xiao Sponge.A small sponge is sick, the couple accompany their children to the hospital;Another time, Huang Xiaoming gave the sponge to Yang Ying and left alone.The two later not only different frame, also no longer interact, so anecdotal news of their marriage, not groundless.Many netizens were not surprised when they announced their divorce, while others said they “no longer believe in love.”More netizens feel distressed little sponge, so small, home scattered.There are still a few people who assume that Yang Ying is a scheming girl and take advantage of Huang Xiaoming, even saying that she is “rich and willful”.Such comments are not objective. The first true love can be believed and the direction of marriage is hard to predict.Both men and women want to live a happy life, but good times don’t just happen.A healthy marriage needs to be strengthened with real feelings. The spiritual problems can’t be solved with money.Some netizens said it was a pity that Huang xiaoming and Yang Ying’s marriage didn’t work out.They also say that a hasty divorce among celebrities has a bad effect on young people.A lot of things about public figures are exposed on the Internet.With the development of the Internet, the position of netizens is constantly expanding, different positions or different perspectives can be voiced online.Netizens have such a good opportunity, but also need to maintain a good network environment, not to be “trolls”, everyone should be responsible for their own content.The Internet is not a place beyond the law, and I hope more and more lovely and wise Internet users will release kind-hearted and positive content, so that young people can have positive guidance and driving role, our society will be better and better.Article/no dye editor: Hanxu original is not easy, please do not copy!If you also have emotional experience want to talk, can private small make up a message.Pictures from the Internet, deleted.