Guilin Shengli Primary School will carry out the spring ploughing activity of building a beautiful campus labor education “Five Education Integration” in the spring semester of 2022

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In March, the grass grows and the birds fly, it is a good season with spring blossoms. In order to thoroughly implement the CPC Central Committee’s “Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening Labor Education in Colleges and Primary schools in the New Era”, let students get close to nature, inherit and learn farming culture, and experience the hardship and pleasure of labor, on the afternoon of March 22,Guilin Shengli Primary School held a spring farming activity in the labor base to build a beautiful campus labor education in the spring semester of 2022.At 3:00 PM, the students of Class 2 grade 3 will go to the labor base under the leadership of the science teacher. They will try to plant pumpkins and peppers with their own little spades and hoes.First of all, the science teacher took out some pumpkin seedlings for class 2 grade 3 students to demonstrate how to dig, plant seedlings, righting, burying, watering and how to master plant spacing.After that, the science teacher gave each child a pumpkin sprout.Soon, the children rolled up their sleeves and rushed to the base, holding a small hoe seriously planted pumpkin seedlings.Pumpkin seedlings planted well, in the labor practice teacher Yang wen’s explanation and guidance, the children began you a shovel, I a shovel, meticulous pepper seedlings planted full in the base.In the later stage, the students will also irregularly manage the vegetables in the labor base, watering, fertilizing, deinsectization…Watch the plants grow and fill out the notes. Wait until the season is ripe to share the joy of harvest.It is understood that since the school labor base built, has been closely rely on “ecological planting organic vegetables for the study, continue to strengthen normalized the work class education teaching work, continuously through the” harvest festival “” criticism” “love charity” rich and colorful activities, such as cultivating students participate in a labor enthusiasm, love of labor, promoting the comprehensive qualities of the children,The move was widely praised by teachers, students and parents.This spring ploughing activity not only adds a fragrance of grass and soil to the children’s book life, but also injects a trace of fresh and brilliant vitality, and effectively promotes the high-quality development of labor and education work of the school.(Nie Huanping) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: