Brand new science and technology flagship SUV Hafo God Beast to enjoy the lowest price!

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To the shop to have gift giving, more details, please go to shop for enquiry 】 address: south high-speed export logistics port 305 roses avenue the 34 stores of sichuan car service for you, the network to make an appointment to store customer, quality drive experience, but also drive cost reduction, reduction, gift to send to port logistics at the founding of the car is 2 words “cost-effective”!God beast comes wisdom sense awakening to enjoy seven heavy courtesy of God pet ① God pet light payment: to the low 0 down payment, to the high 80 thousand 24 period 0 interest;God chong huan new gift: the Great Wall old car replacement to high enjoy 6000 yuan replacement subsidy;③ God pet with animal gift: additional purchase enjoy a subsidy of 2000 yuan (external products limited to 7 seats and below 7 seats passenger cars);(4) God pet tour ceremony: basic traffic free for life, 3 years of entertainment services free;⑤ God pet exquisite gift: 1000 yuan boutique gift package big broadcast;⑥ Pet growth gift: vehicle FOTA upgrade for free for life, first enjoy the technical function rights and interests;⑦ God pet quality guarantee: the first owner of the engine, transmission core parts lifelong quality guarantee.Buy Hafu – to the founding of the country to buy a pickup truck – or to the founding of the country to buy a car – car one-stop service for more details please call consulting staff, to the logistics port jianguo Hafu must give you intentions less than a surprise!The event will run from April 6, 2022 to April 6, 2022